Friday, November 7, 2014

Easy Last Minute Hallowe'en Costume | Fortune Teller with Bonus Crystal Ball

The easy part is the actual costume:
-long flowing skirt
-a top that has a little looseness to it
-some scarves (one for your hips and one to tie around your head)
-lots of necklaces and bracelets

Now the really fun part - making the glowing crystal ball. The supplies I used included:
-glue gun
-strings of sequins
-gold paint pen
-2 paper/styrofoam plates
-battery operated LED light (from dollar store)
-cardboard cute into a strip 

First, take the styrofoam plates and glue them together so they make a stand.
Next, glue the sequins around the rim of the top plate.
Then, take the cardboard strip and make into a circle using tape and glue it to the top of the styrofoam plate.
Add sparkles to the balloon and blow it up just large enough to sit nicely on top of the cardboard circle. 
Use the glue gun to draw patterns on the cardboard for effect.
Then colour the entire setup with the gold paint pen. 
Add the touch light inside the cardboard circle. 
Then tape the balloon in place. Taping it allows you to slide your finger between the balloon and cardboard to turn the light off and on. 

TA DA - you have a sparkling and glowing crystal ball.
I found the idea for the crystal ball here.

And for additional fun, I added a little dollar store crow to my shoulder and named him Poe.

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