Deserted Island Feature

Deserted Island feature - Snowdrop Dreams
Authors and bloggers submit their responses to this question. What five books and five items would you want to have with you if you were stuck on a deserted island? It can be as silly as you like or as serious as you like. 

Here's hoping you will want to sign up and participate in 2013. To sign up FILL OUT THIS FORM HERE!

-Holly Schindler
-Sasha Soren
-Elise Rome
-Jennifer Malone Wright
-Cassandra Dean
-Vicky Dreiling
-Jessica E. Subject
-AL Jackson
-Ada Adams 
-Linda Poitevin
-A Jacob Sweeny
-Genevieve Graham
-Angeline Kace
-JA Belfield
-Elyse Mady
-Julie Reece
-Rhiannon Paille
-Art Slade
-Clark Hays & Kathleen McFall
-Michael A. Rothman
-Chloe Jacobs
-Aimee Laine
-Tracie Banister
-Adam Sifre
-Lisa Stasse
-Brian Rowe
-Meredith Schorr
-Emi Gayle
-Tellulah Darling
-Donna Cummings
-Nikki Jefford
-Suzanne Selfors
-Marie Landry
-Jamie Baywood

-Kate Delwen from Blood Feud by LA Freed
-Ivy Granger from the Ivy Granger Series by EJ Stevens

-Mickey from I'm A Book Shark
-Pepca from Beyond Strange New Words
-Erika from Suddendly Books & One A Day YA
-My BFF Aislynn from Stitch Read Cook
-Cheryl from Kickin' Back With Kiwi
-Kati from Romancing Rakes for the Love of Romance
-Mel from Mel's Book Blog
-Touya from The Reader's Garden
-Ashley from The Bookish Brunette
-Ambur from Burning Impossibly Bright
-Michele from Just A Lil' Lost
-Ashley from Book Labyrinth
-Amanda from Letters Inside Out
-Christine from Oh, Chrys!
-Paola & Alix of A Novel Idea! Reviews
-Rachel from Fiktshun
-Shelleyrae from Book'd Out!
-Brianna and J9 from The Book Vixen
-Donne from Book Wookie

-Chrystal's kick off post!
-Vlog from Stevie


Romance Week @ Snowdrop Dreams/Stitch Read Cook
Feb 9th to 15th 2014 will be the 4th Annual Romance Week! My BFF Aislynn (from Stitch Read Cook) and I host this event annually.

Canada Day Blog Hop
Co-hosted The Canada Day Blog Hop in 2012 &2013 with my BFF Aislynn (from Stitch Read Cook) and Carmel (from Rabid Reads).
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