Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Book Collections

Now I am not sure how everyone else decides which books to keep and which to donate, give away, sell, etc. I personally have so many books I cannot keep track of them. They fill up two bookcases, my hope chest, two boxes and a night stand.

Sometimes I buy books, sometimes I mooch them from, sometimes I buy them used, some are given to me and some are from yard sales. I do give some away on bookmooch and I have donated tons to my work for a large booksale this year and last year.

I am a fan of hardcover for certain books - classics, and I have one series started only in hardcover. The rest are paperback or trade sizes.

I am just about to buy a new larger bookcase for my boyfriend and I to share - we each will get half to do what we like with. I am not sure if I will just cram it full of books or be selective with books and trinkets mixed in.

I generally keep the books that mean the most to me. Either the story has had an impact on me, the writing is amazing, or I have a collection of certain authors. The rest I tend to donate or give away to others.

I one day hope to have a library in my home or at least a cozy nook with lots of bookcases and a lovely chair to sit in read in.

I guess I am curious how many books other people have in their collection or if they have reasoning behind the ones they choose to keep versus donate or sell.


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