Sunday, September 19, 2010

Zombies vs. Unicorns

Zombies vs. Unicorns Challenge

in celebration of the September release
of the anthology, Zombies vs. Unicorns...

The battle begins today!

My vote is for TEAM UNICORN! 
(click the team unicorn logo to see about the challenge/giveaway)

 I have always been a unicorn lover from a very young age... like My Little Pony (G1).  Baby Glory and Baby Moondancer were the first MLPs I owned... and yes they were unicorns!

But my biggest reason for being Team Unicorn would be the lovely movie and book THE LAST UNICORN! How could anyone not love this movie... it beautiful and has such a great story to it.  It is a tale of loss, regret, and love.

  I guess the scene that seals it all for me is the scene where the last unicorn fights the red bull to reclaim the other unicorns. The video below is a beautiful montage of the story and is lovely to listen to.

UNICORNS are pure magic, love and beauty.

Zombies are just disgusting flesh-eating, puss filled grossness to the extreme. While unicorns are all glitter, magic and happiness. So really zombies might be fun to watch in action, but I'd still rather be on the side of a unicorn if I were in a fight... they have all the quickness of galloping away, and stabby excitement with their horns. Zombies just drool all over you and slowly attack as they drag they half dead limbs to attack you.


  1. whoa! my little pony UNICORNS! cool.
    however, must stick with my drooling zombiessssss ;-D

  2. I am sure there are some MLP zombicorns out there somewhere... maybe that is what we really need... a mix between the two. LOL

  3. yes! I loved the My Little Pony unicorns! SO MUCH! :-) I'm sure I still have mine somewhere. . .

  4. I have one I bought on ebay in my twenties... it's Baby Glory pictured above (the one with purple/blue hair). My Mom sold all my MLPs at a yard sale when I outgrew them, but I wish she had kept them so I could pass them on when I have kids.

  5. Sweet! Love MLP, they are full of win!
    Welcome to Team Unicorn!

  6. Yeah, you don't see many kids toting along their beloved childhood toy, My Little Zombie... do ya?


  7. @Heather - have you seen those MLPs remade into different characters... wonder if there is a MLP Zombie Unicorn? LOL

  8. I haven't seen or read The Last Unicorn, but I should really watch the movie.

    Even though I love unicorns, I don't think I've owned any MLP. D: I was more of a Barbie girl. and LOL I just googled MLP and saw one Edward Scissorhand version, very cool!

  9. LOVE your post! I had My Little Pony too, but....I believe I killed them in a horrible way. >_<
    Anyway go team unicorns!

  10. I actually do like the innocence and purity of unicorns, but zombies are more existential. And more gory! Whoo, zombies! XD

    P.S. Isn't the banned books button on your sidebar a little oximoronic? It's telling me to think for myself, but it's also telling which books to read. o_O

  11. MLPS rock!!! I <3 unicorns! :)


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