Monday, October 11, 2010


I just wanted to say to my followers that I might be MIA for a short bit, I have a huge pile of books to read and have reviewed in the next little while, so I will be posting less often for a short time. 

I found I was spending more time blogging and learning about book blogging than getting my reading done to post my reviews. So here is my attempt to catch up for the month of October.

Happy reading everyone!


  1. Danielle - it's so hard to read when there are tons of fun bookish things to be doing online. :)

    But I did finish my library book and posted the review tonight. Now to get into the ebook I need to have read really soon... oh and about 5 others that are really in need of attention before month end. *sigh*

  2. I know how you feel. I'm trying to spread my time evenly between school, book reviews (that are timely -- mine are coming out a week after I read the book, ick!), and posting around blogs.

    I have like... library due dates, plus three or four review requests from authors... I'm totally neglecting my blog. It sucks. xD

    Anyway, I hope you get caught up! :D (and I hope I do too x_o)


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