Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Bookcase ♥

My birthday gift from Greg. ♥

Reorganized our paperbacks


  1. I like the way you arranged them by colour!

  2. Aww thanks. I kept seeing it online and decided once I got my new bookcase i wsa going to try it. I love it! Though my boyfriend thinks the place looks too girly now. *hehe*

  3. So exciting! The colors are beautiful :) And so not girly with all of the black and white!

  4. You're bookshelves are awesome! It's really cool to see them packed with so many books already!! :

  5. @ Midnight Bloom - I have had boxes of books and books all over the apartment since I moved in with my boyfriend... I think he got sick of it and finally bought me a big bookcase. Sadly, I need another one as I still have many books that are not out.... but we have no more room for another bookcase. Guess it will have to wait until we buy a house someday. :)

  6. I demand bigger res. photos! I want to know what books are responsible for that lovely rainbow thing you've got going on there. ;) GORGEOUS! Almost as epic as Kristi's.

    Are ALL the books in the first photo HARDCOVER?!?!?! *swoon*

  7. Beautiful! I love the ships too! Happy belated birthday!

    (I just realized too that it's really interesting in bookcase-by-color photos, how many book spines I actually recognize!)

  8. @Cass - I will take a better res picture tonight just for you.

    Not all the books are hardcover - some are just tradesize paperback.

    And thank you for the swoonworthy comment of being almost as epic as Kristi... that is just crazy to even be in the same league as The Story Siren. :)


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