Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 Challenges

So here is where I state that I may not complete some of my 2010 reading challenges that I signed up from... seeing as how I started these challenges either halfway through the year or in the last few months... it was silly of me to think I would get them all done... anywho here they are and where I stand on completing them or not.

ends December 31, 2010
3 / 6 books. 50% done!

ends December 19, 2010
5 / 5 books. 100% done!
ends December 20, 2010

2 / 7 books. 28% done!

Holiday Reading Challenge 2010 - Chrystal's Reading List
starts November 15 and ends December 31st

1 / 3 books. 33% done!

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