Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: The Adventures of Annie Marmalade

Publisher: Vaughanworks
Pages: 140
Age: Middle Grade 8+
Received: from author for honest review

When the sacred Ronji Crystal is taken to the Giants of the dark mountains, a little girl with a special gift is the only one who can return it. 

The sacred Ronji Crystal has been taken from the magical town of Goodhaven.The crystal holds a curse that prevents the Giants of the dark mountains from attacking the town. The king of Goodhaven sends his son, Prince Marion, to retrieve it. His request, take neither man, woman, nor boy with him. Prince Marion finds his solution in a small girl with a special gift. Annie Marmalade has the power to turn any item into a dessert. Prince Marion simply wants Annie to open the entrance to Debor. When the door slams shut, Annie Marmalade and Prince Marion are forced to work together to retrieve the crystal from the depths of Debor. Journeying through the tunnels of the dark mountains, they learn the secrets of Debor. Annie uses her gift to create desserts to battle King Ontross and his minions. She creates rivers of caramel, licorice lassos, and even gummy bears to help Prince Marion return the Ronji Crystal to Goodhaven. This, however, is just the beginning.

Follow this magical adventure as a little girl stands between hope and the threat from the dark mountains.  
The Adventures of Annie Marmalade is a great read for middle grade children. The plot pulls you along at a great pace, while following the characters through many challenges. It's a quick read and is enjoyable for kids and adults - a great book to read together! 
I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of having the ability to make such delicious desserts from everyday items: yummy toffee, bubble gum, cotton candy... I'm drooling just thinking of the goodies I could create. 

Some of the best parts of the book were when Annie helps to save the Prince and herself from the giants during their adventures. Annie makes gigantic gummy bears to help fight off the giants and she makes a huge bubble gum balloon to fly high above the trees and mountains. 

Annie shows such bravery in the face of adversity. She also helps the weak, scaredy cat Prince Marion to face challenges head on and to be fearless. Together they can do anything! 

The book ends quite nicely and sets itself up for another adventure. Looking forward to more adventures with Annie Marmalade!

My favourite quote in the entire book is Annie replying to the Prince after he apologizes for them being attacked at the start of their adventure. 
"What do you mean? This has been the best day ever."
"I never get to do anything this exciting"

 I would highly recommend this book to families who enjoy reading together, middle grade readers who have a sweet tooth and fantasy lovers of all ages.

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