Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Baby-Sitters Club

As part of the YA 80s and 90s Challenge, over at The Book Vixen's blog,  I decided to make sure to read some of The Baby-Sitters Club books. So the first one I've decided to read is Mary Anne Misses Logan (#46). I picked this one up through, but I noticed my local used bookstore has a stack of them and I might have to go back and pick up a few more.

I absolutely loved these books when I was growing up and they are such fun books to revisit. The characters are quirky and each one has such a different personality. They always seem to have a lot of fun and adventures all the while learning some sort of lesson along the way. They also tackle some great topics like diabetes in The Truth About Stacey and dyslexia in Claudia's Fiend Friend.

What I thought was really interesting to note was that they are re-releasing the BSC books with new covers to appeal to the current generation of young readers. I spotted them today and just had to take a picture to show the new covers vs. the old ones from the 80s.

Did you ever read this series? Did you like it? Would you reread it at all?

For those interested I found a downloadable checklist of all The Baby-Sitters Club books - check it out over at Scholastic.


  1. I love the BSC but I've never been a fan of the re-released covers. I think they just look too generic. Those books just never get old though! Check out this funny link on the "grown up" babysitters:

  2. I used to love this series although I doubt I even came close to reading all of the books. I remember I had a huge collection of them that my mom gave away. :(

    I always liked the ones that were mysteries like The Secret in the Attic. I still to this day remember the title of that one. I was so transfixed by that book haha.

  3. @Katie... that link is so great. I laughed quite a bit while reading where each member is now. :) Thanks for sharing.

    @Michelle - I am sure I didn't read them all though it probably felt like it. I had a lot of them tough and am not sure where they went - probably a yard sale when we moved. I like the mysteries too.

  4. I absolutely loved the BSC when I was younger -i read all of them and owned most of them, I was seriously obsessed!not sure about the new covers- I do agree that they are quite generic, and the old ones hold lots of nostalgic appeal for me...however thats not to say I wouldn't go out and buy the rereleased ones for my little sisters!

  5. @Collect Dreams - I think they are pretty generic but also appeal to the younger generation that might read them now. I really like the old ones too. I am on the search for a few more to read this year. :)


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