Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Okay I have a confession. When I first started out book blogging I pretty much accepted a ton of books for review regardless of due dates and genre. I now only accept books that I truly have my heart set on or that really make me curious to learn more. I find that some books sound amazing, but I was saying yes too often and falling behind on my reading and reviews.

This year I am determined to get through my huge TBR pile - that has grown over a few years that includes old books, ARCs and self-published novels. I will be strict and picky when it comes to the books I accept or choose from now on. If I keep accepting everything I will never get anything done. I hope this does not disappoint anyone, but I need to do this to keep my sanity.

I look forward to a year of wonderful reads - with many reviews, giveaways and quality blog posts.

Cheers to 2011!


  1. I know what you mean. I went a little crazy on NetGalley and then I had way too many to review and I wouldn't be able to read anything for fun. I ended up declining a few recently. I wouldn't feel bad about it. Reading is supposed to be fun and not work.

  2. You comment actually made me feel better about this. :) I need to read what I like reading because I find it's a chore to read anything else.

  3. I too need to get better at this and have been improving. The thing is I am so guilty by nature and I feel badly when authors offer their books for review and I turn them down. It's nothing personal and I've had to tell myself that it's okay to say no sometimes.

    Like Meags222 said, being swamped with ARCs can be really stressful especially since we want to do our best to get through all of them and in good time which can be very difficult.

    Good luck Chrystal! :)

  4. Thanks Michelle... that is pretty much it. I cannot get through them all in time because I am saying yes too often. Lol


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