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Review: Mary Anne Misses Logan by Ann M. Martin

Mary Anne Misses Logan (Baby-Sitters Club)
Mary Anne Misses Logan: The Baby-Sitters Club #46

Release Date: August 1991
Age Group:
Middle Grade/Young Adult (in the 80s this was YA to me)
Pages: 138
Challenge: 80s and 90s YA Challenge

It was good for Mary Anne and Logan to break up for awhile. Mary Anne has had some time to herself, and she's been having lots of fun with her friends. But now Mary Anne can't help it. She misses Logan.

When she and Logan are both assigned to study their favourite author, Mary Anne thinks this is the perfect, most romantic way for them to get back together again. Until Cokie Mason, Mary Anne's mortal enemy, decides to steal Logan from her.

Mary Anne vs. Cokie: Who will Logan choose?
Okay I have actually read pretty much every BSC book out there. I had this ridiculous obsession with reading ever one I could get my hands on either by buying with my own babysitting money or borrowing from the library. So this was an easy choice for me to add to my 80s and 90s YA Challenge list.

The premise is simple - Mary Anne misses Logan and wants him as her boyfriend again, but Cokie has started dating him. It's a cute story of how Mary Anne realizes that when she was with her boyfriend she generally was shy and quiet, but now after having been apart and having to deal with working on a class project with Logan, Cokie and another boy - she realizes that she has a voice and can make choices for herself. When she was with Logan she was quiet so he always made the choices of what they would do, what movie they would see, but now she speaks up. 

Only after having gone through all of that did she realize that she could have Logan in her life, but also her friends and her school work. She needed to learn balance, whereas before she was feeling smothered. I think this is a good book for teens who are just starting to date a bit and to know that they do not have to change who they are to be with someone...just be yourself. That is who they liked in the first place.

As a side note: while reading this I found it interesting to note that the project they had to work on was an English project on authors - they had to read the books and then learn about the authors. They mentioned a few on here that I knew like Lois Lowry and Madeleine L'Engle.

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