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Review: The Next Thing on My List by Jill Smolinski

The Next Thing on My List: A Novel
The Next Thing on My List by Jill Smolinski

Release Date:
March 25, 2008
Publisher: Broadway
Age Group: Contemporary
Pages: 304
Source: Purchased
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Meet June Parker. She works for L.A. Rideshare, adores her rent-stabilized apartment in Santa Monica, and struggles with losing a few pesky pounds. But June’s life is about to change.

After a dark turn of events involving Weight Watchers, a chili recipe, and a car accident in which her passenger, Marissa, dies, June finds herself in possession of a list Marissa has written, “20 Things to Do By My 25th Birthday.” Even though they barely knew eachother, June is compelled by both guilt and a desire to set things right and finish the list for Marissa.

The tasks before her range from inspiring (Run a 5K), to daring (Go braless), to near-impossible (Change someone’s life), and as June races to achieve each goal before the deadline, she learns more about her own life than she ever bargained for.

Funny, engaging, and heartwarming, The Next Thing on My List features a loveable, relatable heroine and a story with plenty of humor and heart.

A really quick and easy read. I think the reason that it caught my eye was the fact that it was about a list and I am a major list maker. I liked the idea of the storyline, which was June completing a sort of Life List for someone who died in a car accident.

Considering that June is not outgoing, super social, nor full of life it is hard for her to keep the will to get through the list. As the story moves along we see June turn into a much stronger personality after having persevered through the tasks she has set herself  to completing. The list actually helps her to be more open to change, take risks and follow her dreams. Part of the fun of this story is seeing how each item gets crossed off the list, as they are not always completed in the way you would think.

It could have been an emotional roller coaster of a story, but in the end it was full of humour and down to earth life experiences. It was just the right amount of everything. I think in the end it could inspire us all to make a list or two of things to not put off to tomorrow that we could do today. Life is too short. Spend time smelling the roses if that is what you want, but don't forget to do the things that truly make you happy.


  1. I think in the end it could inspire us all to make a list or two of things to not put off to tomorrow that we could do today.

    That sounds like a really poignant lesson. I'm always thinking about things I want to do "someday" but I've recently been realizing that life should be more about making things happen rather than waiting for them. Thanks for the review, sounds like an interesting read!

  2. It was a good read. I actually wish I had kept my copy instead of selling it back to the used bookstore. :(


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