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Author Interview: Bertrice Small

Bertrice Small is the author of over 50 novels. Most are Historical Romance with a few Fantasy Romance, and a handful of Erotic Contemporary. The complete list can be found and printed here.

Aislynn and I were ever so lucky to have Ms. Small participate in Romance Week with us. She was an absolute gem to work with. We are both very big fans of her work and were so excited that we had the chance to do an interview with her.

Ms. Small's latest book in the Border Chronicles is due for release in October and is titled Bond of Passion. Bertrice has actually given us a little info about her latest book in the interview. We cannot wait for the release of the final book in this series.

Of all the genres you’re written (Historical, Contemporary, Fantasy) what is your favorite and why?

I love my historicals, but I also love fantasy. With fantasy you can let your imagination run wild because you don't have to follow a specific timeline.  You make it up as you go along. You world built which is a great deal of fun.  Of course when you do a series like Hetar each book has to be built upon the book before it so you end up with the same problem as the historicals.  LOL!

You have some pretty amazing characters in your novels, who is your favorite and why?

I don't think I have a favorite among the people I have created, but I am extremely fond of some of real people I portrayed, i.e. Elizabeth I, and Francis Stewart-Hepburn are probably my favorites.  To pick a favorite from among my creations would be like picking a favorite among your many children.

You have a new book in the Border Series – Bond of Passion coming out in October 2011, can you tell us a bit about it?

BOND OF PASSION is scheduled to be the last book in The Border Chronicles series.  This series has dealt with different border families in different eras.  The last family I am writing about are the Fergusons of Duin (pronounced Doon).  The earl of Duin's family is said to be magical which isn't so at all but he does nothing to discourage the rumors because it allows him to retain his privacy, and the safety of his clan.  He is the hero, and called "the handsomest man in the Borders".  He is a good friend of James Hepburn, the fourth earl of Bothwell (and the above Francis's uncle).  Angus Ferguson marries Annabella Baird in order to obtain a piece of property he wants/needs which is a part of her dower.  And where the earl is one gorgeous hunk of guy, Annabella Baird is as plain as mud.  This is the story of how they fall in love, how that love forges a bond of passion between them, and how they become involved with the tragic reign of Mary Stuart, and must fight to survive. That's all I'll say.
A Dangerous Love (Border Chronicles) The Border Lord's Bride (Border Chronicles) The Captive Heart (Border Chronicles)
The Border Lord and the Lady (Border Chronicles) The Border Vixen (Border Chronicles)

If you had to choose another profession what do you think you would be doing other than writing?

Running my own business or being Barbara Walters rival.

What does Romance mean to you?

What does romance mean to me?  That's a difficult question.  I think it means different things to different people.  For me its loyalty, passion, a willingness to compromise, teamwork, and not necessarily in that order.  Romance and love go hand in hand. It's like the wind.  Hard to catch.

Do you and your husband have a special Valentine’s day planned?

The one Valentine tradition we always had was he would send me a dozen yellow roses, my favorites, and I would give him a pot of primroses. We also always gave each other 3 cards, 2 funny, 1 mushy. But George is 88 now (15 years my senior).  He suffers from Dementia, and doesn't know what day it is.  If I brought it up he would feel bad he had "forgotten".  So because I love him, and I really don't need those roses to know he still loves me, I just let the day pass by.


Thank you so much for stopping by our blogs and for participating in Romance Week. It has been an honour to work with you. The last question that you answered made me realize that love is such a remarkable bond between two people - I wish you all the happiness that love can bring.


  1. Bertrice Small is my favorite of all authors. She writes historical romance novels like no other. Personally my favorite character is Skye O'Malley. I have all her books and thanks to this blog I just realized that I am behind the last 2 LOL Will be heading to the store tomorrow in search of them.

    Thanks for the great job ladies!!

  2. I knew you would love to see this interview Aunt Charlene. :)

  3. You girls did a wonderful job! I am so jealous as Bertrice Small is my favourite author.

    Wouldn't it be fun if she used Chrystal and Aislynn as names in future books?

    Happy Valentine's Day Chrystal!
    Happy Birthday to my sister Charlene. :)

    Love Mom


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