Friday, February 4, 2011


Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition (PRS300RC) with 5" Screen - PinkI finally got my ereader today! I was checking them all out today in the stores and the one I wanted was on sale - so I spoke to Greg and he told me to go get it then. It's my belated Christmas present from him. So after dinner I ran to the store to get it before we both changed our minds.

I decided on the Sony Pocket Reader - in PINK! It's so cute - and it's a touch screen. It's currently charging (I'm definately doing everything the instructions say before playing with it. *sigh*)

I can't wait to load my NetGalley books on it so I can get reading and reviewing those books. 

Oh and I bougt the extended warranty through Best Buy as I was totally reminded to do so as the manufacturer warranty is very limited - a good blogging friend suggested it and I decided it was well worth the extra money for peace of mind.

I think this whole thing is funny, because I had been so indecisive about which reader to get this whole time. It took a lot of research and thought, but I am so excited that I finally have it! I even bought the cutest little case for it so I can take it to work with me and read a lunch!


  1. Nice :) Seriously jealous.. which you already knew :) LOL! I can't wait to get mine..

  2. Thanks Ais! I just wish it would charge faster so I can check it all out and load some books. :)

    I think you should get the lilac coloured Kobo with your gift cards. :)

  3. Congrats and enjoy. I know you will love it. I have a Nook and a Kindle and *almost* bought the same one you did because it's such a cute pink! I need help, I know.

  4. SenoraG - wow you have two already! I am jealous!

  5. Congrats! The pink is really cute! I got a Kindle last fall and I rarely go anywhere without it now. It's strange how quickly it's become a natural part of my life!

  6. @lisa - I am looking forward to taking my books with me everywhere even when i have a small purse with me :) the sony reader is smaller than all the others i looked at and i am so excited to have an ereader finally :)

  7. So awesome! I have a Kobo, and I love it, especially because it was a gift as well. If I lived in the States I would probably get a Nook, but either way... eReaders = amazing.

  8. @Ashley - I almost bought a Kobo today. Would have been cheaper to get, but I fell in love with the Sony reader and well it's very easy to use. :)

  9. It's funny because this time last year I was so Anti eReaders it was funny. I caved and got a Kobo about a month ago, and I love it! I still love my printed books, but the eReader is just to handy. You're going to love yours I know it!

  10. I've been debating on buying an ereader too! And, I've been shopping around and researching different ones as well to see which I may, or may not like.

    How do you like it so far? I'm assuming you have to buy the books and download them and what not? Are the books decently priced for an e-reader?

  11. Evening Chrystal!
    Congrats on the ereader - just wait til you start reading on it - I now mostly prefer it over a real book! Especially reading in bed!

    I've given you an award - head over to my blog to read all about it!

    Barb at Sugarbeat's Books

  12. @Stuck Between The Pages - So far I am loving my Sony Pocket Reader. I have quite a few books through to read and review which are Adobe Digital Editions files and they transferred right over nicely. It also reads epub and pdf etc. So I have a few free ebooks that I received from online book sellers and self published authors that loaded nicely as well.

    I haven't figured out how to get the Amazon ebooks on it yet, but hopefully those can transfer over nicely too. I can buy through Sony Ebookstore and the books are priced pretty much the same as the price of a paperback.

    I mostly plan to use mine for reading my books for review etc. As I still love holding actual books in my hand more. But it does seem quite handy and is so light and portable. Yesterday I used it while doing laundry at the laundromat. It was prefect. :)

    I pretty much just googled all over to see which one would do what I want. Also, since I live in Canada some of the big brands from the US don't work so well up here for us, like the Nook (I spoke to a fellow Canadian book reader and she said he had to send hers back because of crossborder book selling for the ereader - some kind of copyright or duty issue).

    Have fun on your search!

  13. @Sugarbeat - Why thank you! I am going to go check it out now. :) You are absolutely the sweetest! :)


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