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Guest Post: Liz from Midnight Bloom Reads

I would like to welcome another of my fellow Canadian book blogging friends to Romance Week. Liz from Midnight Bloom Reads is here today to do a guest post on YA Romance Books. She has some excellent picks for everyone and I hope you enjoy her post. Thanks again Liz for participating in Romance Week.

Hi everyone! *waves* Today, I’m super excited to take part in Romance Week and share my love for the romance to be found in young adult novels. In a widely varying market, there are so many different forms these romances can occur in, spreading across genres ranging from the supernatural to contemporary, and everything in between! And when it boils down to it, everything really depends on what sort of reading spirit you’re in before making your next pick. Are you looking for something light and flirty? Teen angst and a little bit of drama? Best friends falling in love? Love at first sight? Love triangle?

And then we must not forget the boys! Gorgeous, cute, strong, funny, kind, sarcastic, quiet, shy, confident, cocky, dangerous, angelic, protective, otherworldly – I’m going to run out of adjectives trying to describe them all! When not giving you warm fuzzy feelings, these boys will make you laugh, cry, swoon at first sight, or you know… want to hit them when they’re just being plain infuriating. How is a girl to choose?

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’ve put together some of my more favourite YA novels with romances that I’ve really enjoyed, not only because of their male leads, but also for their story lines as a whole. There are just so many awesome YA novels today with heartfelt romance in them that it’s so difficult choose only a few! And because it’s still relatively early in the year, I’m going to stick with 2010 YA romance novels…

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
Paranormalcy. by Kiersten WhiteWhat’s to like? This is one bleeping awesome novel! It’s fun and fresh, yet it still manages to hold its own in a sea of other supernatural novels. Sixteen-year old Evie works for the International Paranormal Containment Agency, using her ability to see the glamours of paranormals. But a sudden break in at the IPCA by the mysterious shape shifter Lend, which also coincides with a sudden string of paranormal deaths, will leave her questioning everything… including herself.
The “Awww…” Factor- Evie and Lend make the cutest couple! They’re both sort of naïve as they’ve only seen one side of the picture when it comes to paranormals, so seeing these two learn from each other just puts a smile on my face. Lend is such a sweetheart, always open to hearing what Evie had to say and protective in a way that just makes your heart clench. Plus, the teasing between the two will make you laugh! 
Forget You by Jennifer Echols
Forget YouWhat’s to like? No YA romance list would be complete without the mention of at least one Jennifer Echols novel. In Forget You, popular swim team captain Zoey gets into a car accident only to find that she can’t remember anything the next day except that her fellow swim team member Doug had pulled her out of the car. Now Doug’s acting like something happened and her new boyfriend Brandon is avoiding her.
The “Just Finally Be Together Already” Factor- Zoey has always cared about retaining her perfect image, so despite the obvious feelings she secretly has for Doug, she still think she’s better off with Brandon. I spent most of the novel wanting to reach into the pages and shake her because it’s so obvious she should be with Doug! He cares so much more about her than Brandon ever could and well… he does have that very nice body from all that swimming. The chemistry between Zoey and Doug flows so easily off the page; Jennifer Echols knows exactly how to write a romantic drama that will leave you wanting more!

What’s to like? It’s Cassandra Clare… enough said. Okay, okay, I’ll dig a little deeper than that. The first novel in the Infernal Devices trilogy is kicked off when Tessa Gray arrives in London, England to live with her older brother Nathanial, only to find herself kidnapped by the Dark Sisters who tell her she’s a rare type of Downworlder who can change her shape into other humans, both dead and alive. Rescued by Shadowhunters and searching for answers including the whereabouts of her brother, Tessa’s going to have to enter a dangerous new world where even her heart is at stake.
The “Love Triangle” Factor- I don’t envy Tessa, especially when she’s going to have to eventually make a choice between Will and Jem! They have two completely different personalities but both boys will make your heart feel like it is playing a game of tug of war. It’s just too early to tell who Tessa should be with in the end!

Twice Bitten by Chloe Neill
Twice Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires, Book 3)What’s to like? There are only a few books that turn me into a complete fan-girl and the Chicagoland Vampires series is one of them. It was love at first page with this series! They are technically adult books so I’m cheating a bit by adding them, but this series has some serious cross-over appeal to older teens! Twice Bitten is the third novel in the series, so I’ll just say something about the series as a whole. It centers on newly turned vampire Merit who always finds herself in the middle of supernatural shenanigans when not fighting her feelings and attraction for the totally gorgeous Ethan Sullivan, master vampire of Cadogen House.
The “I Know You Want Me” Factor- The scenes between Ethan and Merit are the best! There’s always underlying tension in their words and you’re always left anxious what’s going to happen next whenever they’re together. They argue, joke, tease, fight… anything can really happen, especially since they’re both always trying to deny their feelings for each other! Ethan is used to being in complete control, yet Merit always challenges him to do better. Merit is one awesome heroine and when not armed with her katana (this girl can kick some serious butt), she always has her snarky personality and love of food. Seriously, if you don’t fall for Ethan, then you’ll fall for Merit. Just saying.

What’s to like? You wouldn’t think that dead bodies and romance go hand in hand, but with The Body Finder, it really does. Violet Ambrose has been able to see the echoes of the dead ever since she was a little girl. But there’s a serial killer in town targeting teenage girls and Violet realizes her unique ability may give her an opportunity to help save others… but her friend since childhood, Jay Heaton, is reluctant to help her when it could mean she’ll be hurt.
The “Best Friends Falling For Each Other” Factor- Violet’s puzzled by her sudden romantic feelings for Jay but seeing these two friends slowly realize they can take their friendship status to the next level just gives you giddy feelings. Jay is certainly a boy that you’ll find yourself falling for; he’s caring, protective, and so sweet with Violet. The chemistry between Violet and Jay is simply off the charts!

Anna and the French KissWhat’s to like? It would be pure blasphemy not to include this novel! It’s a YA romance story set in Paris where Anna begins attending an elite boarding school and finds herself falling for the beautiful- and also taken- Étienne St. Clair. Do I really need to say more?
The “Swoon” Factor- It’s one of the most well-written contemporary romance stories I’ve ever had the immense pleasure of reading. The romance that unfolds between Anna and Étienne is one that you’ll hold to your heart. They’re both realistic characters, having flaws and making mistakes, but they’ll endear themselves to you on the spot. As the two become closer and closer, you’re just left waiting for the moment they’ll finally be together. Because with Anna and Étienne, there’s no if… there’s only when.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little round-up of 2010 YA romance novels I’ve really liked! I’m sure there are quite a few novels I’m missing but these are the ones that instantly came to mind! For me, these novels are going beyond just having a hot guy to fall for… it’s seeing the romance that unfolds between the characters that’s the best part. It’s building up to that moment when they’re finally together after so many obstacles which gives me the warmest of feelings.

Thanks so much to Chrystal and Aislynn for hosting such an event as Romance Week! It has been fun to help take part! ^_^


  1. Love how you explained each book's romance 'factor' - and it's so true that often it can totally depend on what the reader is in the mood for! Paranormalcy and Anna & the French Kiss were a couple of my favorite 2010 books (although with Paranormalcy I have to say I actually preferred Reth... :D)

  2. Great post and great list, Liz! I shamefully admit that I haven't read 'Forget you' or Anna and The French Kiss' but they are both in my TBR pile. Can't wait to read them! Love your guest post, great job!

  3. I definitely need to read some Jennifer Echols -- I've seen her books rec'ed everywhere lately.

    Totally agree about The Body Finder -- best friend love is so amazing. And Anna of course. There should be more amazing YA contemp romances like that.

  4. Thanks Danya, Cathy and Ashley!

    If you're looking into reading a novel by Jennifer Echols, I'd start with Going Too Far! It was the first novel I read by her and I loved it so much that I immediately set out to find what else she'd written! ^_^


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