Sunday, February 13, 2011

Historical Romance

Seeing as how I am a fan of Bertrice Small's work, I am making a post about the specific novels of hers that I love (well at least of the ones I've read, as she has quite a few that I have not read yet). My Mother is very big fan and I would have to say the both my sister and I became fans because my mother owned every book ever written by Ms. Small. We were not allowed to read them until we were older as they have adult content as I have stated before.

They are so amazingly descriptive - Ms. Small always describes the places and people with such detail that you could swear that if you closed your eyes you could picture the scene perfectly.

I hope you will find something in the selection that I provide that will tickle your fancy and get you to pick up one of her books. Most of her books are all historical for time lines, but bring you to different countries where you will learn about their customs. The story lines range from faeries and knights to pirates and concubines. She does have some contemporary romances out there, but I have not read them yet.

To view the entire list of books that Ms. Small has written please follow this link to her bookshelf.

A Moment In Time
Young Wynne of Gwernach believes love is an illusion. She devotes herself to managing the great family estate in Wales, vowing to protect it and her younger brother until he comes of age to inherit. Then Madoc of Powys enters her life, and all her beliefs are turned upside down. For Wynne and Madoc have been lovers in another time, another place. And an unfinished destiny lies between them ...
The KadinThe Kadin
Abducted from a life of privilege, she was sold into slavery in a distant land. For Lady Janet Leslie there would be no escaping the harem of the wealthy and powerful Sultan Selim. But from the moment the handsome ruler spied his breathtaking "Cyra," was captivated — by the fiery desire that coursed through his veins. She belonged to him, body and soul -yet it was he who was enslaved.
Praised for her keen sense of history and remarkable storytelling powers, the bestselling author of The Spitfire displays the passionate magic that has made her a national favorite -sweeping the reader into the romantic past, from the magnificence of Renaissance Europe to the perfumed splendor of a Sultan's court.
Skye O'Malley
There has never been a woman like luscious, raven-haired, hot-tempered Skye O'Malley. She is the courageous seafaring captain of her own mighty fleet, and intelligent enough to win a battle of wits with Queen Elizabeth herself. Follow along as Skye O'Malley is swept up in a journey filled with romance and passion that takes her from glittering Ireland, to lush Algeria, to the heart of London in pursuit of a unique and eternal love...
The Dragon Lord's Daughters
Meet the daughters of King Arthur's descendant, Lord Pendragon. They have an appetite for adventure and a gift for driving men wild with desire. Marrying them off may seem an easy task, but it's only going to prove that when it comes to these girls, trouble follows in threes. AVERIL - She may be the Lord's eldest-and illegitimate-daughter, but Averil knows her dazzling beauty can buy her what she wants most: marriage to a great and powerful lord. But fate has other plans in the rugged form of Rhys Fitzhugh. Thinking her the sole heiress, the penniless bailiff kidnaps the beauty. Now, to salvage his honor, he must marry the openly hostile Averil and accept his greatest challengewinning her love, loyalty, and trust...MAIA - As the legitimate heiress with a hefty dowery, Maia can have any man she chooses, namely Emrys Llyn, a descendant of Lancelot and the Lady of the Lake. But strange, dangerous rumours surround the handsome Emrys...his name means "immortal," and two of his wives have died suddenly under mysterious circumstances. Can her unwavering love prove his innocence...or will Maia suffer the same fate as Emrys's previous wives? JUNIA - As charming as she is irrepressible, Junia is the Lord's youngest daughter. Her father has long since given up trying to control her whims and passions, and Junia is content to roam the countryside where she can be alone with the gentle, golden-haired young man she meets and loves in secret. For he is the son of her father's sworn enemy, and loving him may cost her more than she could ever imagine...

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