Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review: Daily Candy A to Z

Daily Candy A to Z: An Insider's Guide to the Sweet LifeDaily Candy A to Z: An Insider's Guide to the Sweet Life

Release Date: April 11, 2006
Publisher: Harper Collins
Age Group: Adult
Pages: 214
Source: purchased
Challenge: 111 Challenge
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Every morning, hundreds of thousands of women around the globe open their e-mail inboxes and indulge in the day's first treat: DailyCandy.
What's DailyCandy? It's the Web site that quickly became the ultimate source for the latest need-to-know information about fashion, food, and fun. It's like getting an e-mail from your clever, unpredictable, and totally in-the-know best friend who always has the scoop on everything -- from new designers, handbags, and jeans to hot restaurants, travel destinations, books, and beauty treatments. As useful as it is entertaining, DailyCandy is beloved for its writing style (insider and inclusive, witty but never pretentious) and for its beautiful watercolor illustrations.

Now, for the first time ever, advice, atmosphere, and attitude will be available in book form. DailyCandy A to Z offers insider advice on 26 topics: Appearance, Brain Candy, Charm, Do-Gooding, Edibles, Fundamentals, Grand Dames, Home, Intimacy, and more.

DailyCandy A to Z covers everything you need to know about living a stylish life. The book will appeal not only to the site's large and loyal fan base, but to countless other readers who have yet to discover DailyCandy.
I had never heard of the website DailyCandy at all until I picked up this book. The book is full of great tidbits, little articles, mini quiz-like pages, and so much more. Every day I looked forward to reading the next letter of the alphabet to see what topic we would be looking at and was excited to see the types of things in the section.

The illustrations are adorable and full of colour. Each article is short so you can read a little at a time and not feel like you need to recap the previous section.  Some samples are as follows:

B is for Brain Candy
*Clubbing 101: Starting Your Own Book Club - featuring the types of clubs and how to get them going
*Mixed Messages: Building The Soundtrack of Your Life - how to make a really good mixed tape/CD

 I is for Intimacy
*Say It With Flowers - a guide to the meaning behind the flowers your guy sends you
*Fully Engaged - things people will say once you are engaged, but do not believe everything you hear

M is for Money
*Budgeting for Dummies - a how to for those in need of a budget overhaul
*Making Money - Inherit It, Marry It or Earn It

It's a quick and witty read for fun and sassy gals!

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