Friday, February 18, 2011

Truth or DARE!

This is Anya - she is a wannabe vampire. She visits the same graveyard every night in hopes to find her "soul mate" who will turn her for real. She brings this goblet with her, so that she can drink his blood like a fine wine and enjoy the change in luxury.

Little does she know, her "soul mate" has been stalking her for over a year and is just waiting for the perfect time to change her. He just won't be so accomodating with her drinking from a goblet... he was never the sweet, adoring type as a human and time hasn't healed any of his wounds.

Visit Parajunkee to enter her contest.... this one was a lot of fun!


  1. That was fun. Guess what? My daughter's name is Anya. Great minds...

  2. I love the name Anya! And this was a fun DARE. :)


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