Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Sorry everyone - I will be kind of MIA for a bit - I'm terribly sick yet again with a cold and haven't had much energy to do any real blogging. I am trying to read a whole bunch while resting, so that I can have some great reviews ready to put up soon. 

Work is also taking over and perhaps that is why I am sick again. I hear stress can cause your defenses to be down, so that would explain with I'm sick for the millionth time this winter.

The good thing is that I went through all my books for review and made a little schedule for myself so that I can get caught up finally. I owe quite a few reviews from months ago. I feel terrible, but I was having a bit of a slow reading time (I think this is also related to the work stuff - lots of stress and not enough time in the day *sigh*).

I hope to be back on a more regular basis, but need to rest before I completely burn out.
Love ya & happy reading!


  1. Take it easy and get well soon!

  2. Thanks Lisa. :) I'm trying to get some rest, but keep up with things.


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