Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting Organized

How do you stay organized and on top of all the things there are to do as a book blogger?
The one thing that I feel I am lacking is a great way to keep organized for due dates, blog tours etc. So I am opening up the comments to see what everyone out there in book blog land finds helpful.... calendar, day planner, online calendar or just a handy old binder with info in it? I am willing to take all sorts of tips and tricks to get myself organized and ready to tackle this mountain I call a TO BE READ PILE!


  1. If you have gmail, use the calendar and tasks list that are already embedded as a part of your email inbox! They're an awesome way to keep yourself on track with pop-up reminders and the option to cross things off your to-do list... which always feels good :)

  2. Thanks Katie! I will look into this. :)

  3. I use my day planner. I write down release days, and when I should aim to have a book done because when I get a book for review, I usually try and have it read and reviewed a week before release date, sometimes earlier (this doesn't always happen though). I usually check my day planner every day so this works. I also write down events and posts that I wanted to have up. It works well for me.

  4. Cool thanks for the tips. I have a new planner that I purchased (a Moleskine), but it doesn't start until June/July. I will have to make sure I try using it to keep track. :)


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