Thursday, April 7, 2011

MIA take two

Okay everyone - I feel like I have been MIA a lot lately. I'm trying to read as often as I can, but I'm not very fast lately. I am trying to get some wedding details ironed out, dealing with some road trips that were important to make and work is crazy. *sigh* I feel like I am making a million excuses, but I just haven't read a complete book in a bit - still working on a historical romance novel (that I am LOVING)... but really slow at reading. 

I hope to be back in the swing of things soon. I also think it might be because I have so many books for review piling up that maybe I have overwhelmed myself into reading slower than normal to avoid the dreaded book pile. I am not accepting any new books for review until I get this pile a lot smaller.

Hope you guys will stick around as I am hoping to be involved with some fun events this summer. :)


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