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Review: The Knot Book of Wedding Lists

The Knot Book of Wedding ListsThe Knot Book of Wedding Lists - Carley Roney & the editors of
Release Date: December 26, 2007
Publisher: Clarkson Potter Publishing
Pages: 488
Source: Purhcased
Interest: Wedding Planning
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For the first time’s famous time lines, tools, and checklists have been compiled in one easy-to-carry book that will travel with you from florist to baker and everywhere in between. The Knot Book of Wedding Lists distills all the great information from The Knot and crafts it into useful, organized lists that will eliminate the stress and make planning a wedding as simple as checking off boxes. Whether you’re planning for twenty or two hundred, a wedding on the beach or in a balloon, this compact guide covers all your planning details for the big day in an easy, organized format, including:
planning time lines contract checklists vendor to-do lists new wedding ideas questions to ask the site manager, photographer, florist, and others bridesmaid duties details about your ceremony shopping lists wedding-day to-do lists reception schedules and much, much more.
With the most essential to-do lists in one easily accessible and portable spot, The Knot Book of Wedding Lists is the ultimate organizing tool you’ll turn to at every step of the wedding-planning process—right up to your walk down the aisle.
First off - I love! It is such a great wedding planning site. So this book is just a great addition to anyone planning a wedding using the website. This book is amazing, because it has every checklist from the website written down into one handy, portable book. There is even space on the sides of each page to make little notes. 

So far I've read through the entire book and am now back at the start because I am actively using the chapters in regards to picking and booking the ceremony site and reception site. The greatest thing was the ability to take the book with me and have all the questions right there with me that I needed to remember to ask and have a place to jot down the answers. 

There are tick boxes beside the checklists that you can tick off as you go. There are also some really great tips in each section such as wedding dress styles, bouquet styles with little pictures, references to the most common cake glossary like butter cream vs. fondant icing. And there are quirky little tidbits of info or history regarding wedding traditions. 

I would totally recommend this book to brides who love making lists and who need to have things right at their fingertips. I personally love checklists and to do lists, so this book is perfect for me. I currently have little sticky flags on the chapters I am using, post it notes with info inside each section and I've definitely used the notes section inside as well. 


  1. My daughter and I are planning her wedding -- she's VERY list oriented. I may have to get this one for her. Thanks!

  2. Hi Annette! I would totally recommend it. I am loving it.


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