Sunday, April 10, 2011


So starting today I have finally decided to forgo the "star" ratings on my reviews. I had been debating this for a long while as I felt the review itself should be a good enough indicator of whether someone would love the book or not. I believe that star ratings are hard to assign because on book that I rate a four star might not be the same as another I've rated as four star becuase of something minor. And other than stopping with the star ratings, I figured I would have to go to a higher star rating system such as 10 stars and that just seems ridiculous to me.

So I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I think words are more powerful than numbers and hope that people will still enjoy reading my reviews without the stars!

Comments are always appreciated, but please respect my decision as I always respect the decisions of other book bloggers.


  1. I got rid of my ratings too last week. This week I asked The Story Siren why she got rid of hers and her thoughs on rating systems, and her answer was great. Just confirmed I made the right decision getting rid of my ratings. Congrats on your blog decision :D Although I don't judge other blogs that use rating systems, it is just not for me anymore.

  2. Way to go :) I've been debating the same thing for the last few weeks! It's so hard to rate a book, there are some many factors!

  3. @ Crazy Bookworm - your question was the reason I finally decided to do it! Thanks for asking Kristi, because reading her Dear Story Siren post made me finally have the courage to do it! :)

    @ Aislynn - Thanks! I really had been thinking about it for a while, becuase there are times I stuggle with picking the rating, but the review just flows out. I can't stand sitting there debating the number of stars to give a book. So no more for me. WORDS are mighter!

  4. I've been using them less and less myself. I agree, it's the words we have to say about the books we read that are important =)

  5. Good for you Chrystal for making this change! If you feel better writing a review without a star ranking... go for it!! :)

    You're absolutely right that it can be so difficult to rank a novel because some books don't seem to fit within a category or how would you compare them? By genre? By overall thoughts immediately finishing the novel? And sometimes those feelings change over time which make you second guess a ranking months later... you know what I mean?

    When reading reviews, the fact that the person uses a ranking system or not really doesn't bother/affect me... it's the content of the review that matters most. :)

  6. Thanks everyone for such positive responses! :)


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