Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Armchair BEA: Work the Network Interview

Today I will be interviewing The Book Mystress for Armchair BEA! A fun blogger from Australia (sidenote I loved visiting Australia).

I love that you picked Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson as your one books to recommend to people. I really enjoyed this book as well and felt it covered a topic that is less spoken about, but gave a good voice for it. What other books would you add to the list of recommended reading for others? Hmm, anything by Laurie Halse Anderson and Lisa Schroeder. I like a lot of literary fiction - Cut by Patricia McCormick is a good one and of course 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher.  Too many books! LOL

If you could have a dream job involving books somehow (ie. librarian, publishing house, author, etc) - what would you love to be doing?  Author, for sure. I have been writing pretty much longer then I have loved reading (I'll cover this next). I have been writing since I was 12, love it!

Where did you get your love of reading? (family, friends, teacher) My self! I went through my teenage years thinking reading was quite nerdy and every time I read I got picked on by my friends.  When I started writing I had the "I write the books I don't read them" attitude. I can be quoted saying that too, but when I got serious about my writing people are "read read read" so I tried it and I love it.  A friend I used to have got me onto my love of Paranormal Fiction. I was an advanced reader in primary school. So yeah I say me. :)

Who were you looking forward to meeting most at BEA? Any specific author or bloggger? I am not sure, I hadnt really read the schedule otherwise I would have gotten depressed. I would really like to meet Laurie Halse Anderson though, she seems pretty decent. There are alot of unpublished authors on twitter I would love to have had the chance to meet, Australia needs  to move more.

Have you been to any exciting book signing or author events or are there any upcoming that you just can't wait to attend? Nah Australia is pretty boring and I live in a country town, we dont even have a borders. LOL

Why did you decide to start blogging about books? Any specific thing that gave you that AHA moment? My writing, as mentioned before I started reading because of my writing then some one was like "never mix book blogging with your author blog" so I started The Book Mystress.  I love it more then my writing blog, bookish people rock!!

And now for some quick questions:
What is your favourite day of the week? Hmm was Tuesday until lately, but now I think iImay take. . . . . . I dont know lol
Who is your favourite author? lol kinda obvious Laurie Halse Anderson
Vampires or werewolves? Vamps!
Early bird or night owl? Night Owl!!
Fave TV show? Ohh toughie!! Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries
Print or ebooks? Print!! but understand why Ebooks are around too, xx

Thank you so much for the fun interview! It looks like The Book Mystress has a huge passion for reading and writing!

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