Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Review: Between by Cyndi Tefft


Release Date: official launch June 1, 2011
Publisher: Smashwords
Pages: 224
Source: from author for honest review
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Sometimes death is just the beginning...

It just figures that the love of Lindsey Water's life isn't alive at all, but the grim reaper, complete with a dimpled smile and Scottish accent.  After transporting souls to heaven for the last 300 years, Aiden MacRae has all but given up on finding the one whose love will redeem him and allow him entry through the pearly gates. Torn between her growing attraction to Aiden and heaven's siren song, Lindsey must learn the hard way whether love really can transcend all boundaries.
First I just want to say this book is for more mature teens (late teens, early twenties or older) - there is more than just romance that happens in the books, so it may be for more mature audiences. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book - I was drawn in right away with the whole idea of being stuck in the between with a Transporter (someone who helps you on your way between Earth and Heaven). Some people do not enjoy those love at first sight or lust at first sight type stories, but I do. I believe in soul mates and the possibility of finding that one true love, so this book really made me breathless when Lindsey falls so passionately in love with Aiden, her Transporter. (PS I am a sucker for the name Aiden). It was like they were drawn together by magnets. They just had this natural flow about them from the moment they met - it was just like watching any couple falling in love, but maybe on fast forward a bit. Who could blame her though - one look at the smoking hot Highlander and I think any girls heart would melt. Something about a man in a kilt with an accent. Hmmm.

Lindsey is supposedly the one who can help Aiden redeem himself to God for his sins. They have no idea how this will work and are worried everyday that she will be taken to Heaven too soon, so they spend every waking moment together learning about each other and time travelling to memories to share with each other - including Versailles, Paris, Scotland and Seattle. My heart broke with the couple when they are torn apart, but forces unknown. I literally could feel the pain they each must have been feeling to have found true love and then have it ripped away so quickly. 

Following Lindsey through her grief was tormenting, because it felt so real. It is written exactly how I imagine it would feel. Such a deep pang in your heart and despair that feels never ending. There is a line that Father O'Malley says to Lindsey when she seeks him out for guidance that struck me.
"When I perform a marriage ceremony," he said. "I use the phrase 'Til death do you part,' but in your case, life is what has parted you and Aiden." --- "You need to grieve, my child. You have lost the man that you love, whether through life or death."
I think the separation is probably much harder then if they actually had lost one another to true death. This story is absolutely the sweetest story and I shed quite a few tears along the way hoping and wishing they would somehow find one another again. I can't wait until the sequel comes out to see what the future holds for Lindsey and Aiden.


  1. Hi! *waves* I just found your blog!

    I've heard really good things about this one, and It sounds great! What an interesting concept this one has! Wow, I can't imagine how the two of them felt being torn apart like that. Great review!

  2. Hi T.B. - thank you for stopping by. It was an amazing read and I am looking forward to the next book. :)


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