Saturday, June 25, 2011

Canada Post Strike Affecting Book Lovers Everywhere!


I thought I better get this post up relatively soon as I will be hosting a bunch of giveaways in the near future and this needs to be stated before they start.

Canada Post has been on strike for a few weeks now - NO mail going OUT and NO mail coming IN. *sigh* This is like torture for us book lovers up here. 

That being said... I have some books sitting here as it is all ready to go out, but I can't mail them just yet. And since I'll be hosting some giveaways - I ask that people be patient with the mailing process until the postal strike is over (hopefully it will be soon).
If the giveaway is coming from:

1)ME - there will be a wait until I can ship it out no matter where it is heading
2)BOOK DEPOSITORY - if it is a CANADA bound winner I will wait to order the book AFTER the strike so that the books will actually make it here and if it is USA/INTERNATIONAL bound I will order it shortly after the winners are drawn
3) PUBLISHER/AUTHOR - it all depends on the rules stated by the publisher/author - obviously if the prizes are from Canada or going to Canada there will be a delay
Hope that clears it up for everyone and that everyone can be patient and understanding during this frustrating time. I wonder if the postal workers realize how much mail will be piled up or will be hitting them once the strike is over?!?


  1. This strike is seriously starting to annoy me. I have books coming my way and I just hope that they won't get lost somewhere because of everything that's going on. They had better get their act together soon!

  2. Emilie - I know. I'm worried that items will get returned to sender. :(

  3. Oh, I am in mail withdrawal, I also have several books coming, I think my mail is being held hostage.

  4. The strike is starting to stress me out a little. I feel terrible for the postal working who aren't working, and I am also worried about items coming my way. I hope it ends soon.

  5. Its nice to see I am not the only annoyed with this strike. We are all being held hostage by this.

    From my understanding anything that was sent into Canada before the lockout is safe and sound (yea right because we know that CP employees would never take anything?) and that when the lock out happened and nothing was being sent in was all returned so I am thinking Customs etc won't hold a back log of packages so I would presume they were all returned to sender. Which really sucks because I am just thinking of all those great books we will never get. :(

  6. I hear it will be a legislated back to work order for the coming week! I truly hope so. I really miss my books!

    Shirley in Edmonton
    My Bookshelf

  7. @Shirley - YAY! I'm glad they are going back to work. My giveaways won't suffer now. :)


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