Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Ten Bookish Websites/Organizations/Apps

Top Ten Bookish Websites/Organizations/Apps, etc. (aside from book blogs -- things like Goodreads, Project Night Night, Paperbackswap, etc.)

And in no particular order....
1. Goodreads - find book recommendations, track the books you've read, join challenges, share all things bookish.
2. LibraryThing - similar to Goodreads - I started on LibraryThing first, so I'm almost more of a fan on LT just because of loyalties. :) 
3.NetGalley -  a great place for book bloggers to find ARCs of books they are wanting to reivew. They require being read within a certain time frame as well as the review being posted directly on NG for the publishers to review. Not everyone gets accepted for the galleys they want as each publisher has different requirements for who they will accept (READ CAREFULLY).
4. The Book Depository -  A great place to buy books at a discounted price and they ship ALMOST everywhere in the world. Great for when you are hosting giveaways on your blog.
5. DailyLit - Great stories and knowledge in under 5 minutes a day. Small bits of stories come to you via email daily - you can read some of the classics a little at a time. I use this on my work email so on my breaks I get to work my way through some of the greatest stories of all time. 
6. Bookmooch - This is an international book trading site - earn points for posting what books you are willing to mail to others, earn points for sending to others and redeem points to MOOCH books from others.
7. Twitter - The best place for book bloggers to chat with each other, share info, meet authors, and to spread the word about reading! 
8. Local Library - My local library has the greatest website - I can now download from my own home audio books and ebooks directly to my laptop, ereader or ipod. How cool is that?
9. BEA/BBC - (Book Expo America and Book Blogger Con) - this is something that I am hoping to one day attend - it looks like an amazing experience from all the hype I've read on fellow bloggers sites. One day I hope to get there (I think once might be all I need to experience it).
10. Book Blogs Ning - A great community to ask questions, get answers, meet bloggers, publishers and authors. A place to share a bit of our book blogging selves with like minded individuals.


  1. Today's meme has made my day! I am finding many great book related links. Thanks!

    Here is my Top Ten post!

  2. I need to spend more time at the Book Blogger Ning. I don't know why I haven't.

    Here's my Top Ten List of Bookish Websites.

  3. I wish it were cheaper to ship in/from Canada. Then I would definitely use things like Bookmooch. Yay for local libraries, especially ones that are using OverDrive! I love downloading eBooks from the library.

    ( My Top Ten )

  4. Ashley - Isn't it crazy that it's cheaper to send to the US than within our own country?!? I don't understand that at all.


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