Sunday, July 10, 2011

Children's Literature as Gifts

Hey there friends - I have a really great question for you this week.... If you knew someone who was having a baby - what children's lit book or baby book would you give them as a gift?

My sister is due at the end of July with her first baby (a little boy!) and I wanted to pick her up some books that she can read to him as he grows. I have already purchased one book for my brother-in-law which I gave to him for his birthday when we all found out they were expecting... The Complete Adventures of Curious George (as it was his favourite book as a child).

These are the books they have so far: 

The Complete Adventures of Curious George: 70th Anniversary Edition Love You Forever 

I really want to help them collect some of the greatest children's book so that their little one will have a love for reading like his momma. Let me know what your suggestions would be for different ages as well as I will be buying books for him all the time. :) I can't wait to be an Aunt - this little guy will be so spoiled.

Here are some others I was thinking of for future gifts as he gets older:

Very Hungry Caterpillar Where the Wild Things Are Goodnight Moon
The Poky Little Puppy Special Anniversary Edition LGB (Special Edition Little Golden Book) Hockey ABC (My First NHL Books) Hockey 123 (My First NHL Books) 

What were your favourite books as a child?


  1. I love "The Tiger Who Came To Tea" by Judith Kerr, and anything by Julia Donaldson. Also the Hairy Maclary series, or Slinky Malinki. (I can't remember the author's name - possibly Lynley Dodd?)

  2. Goodnight Moon! I loved that one when I was little. I also adored The Runaway Bunny, but I think that might appeal more to girls than boys. Maybe Harry the Dirty Dog? I found that one so much fun :D

  3. Katie - thanks for the recommendations. :)

    Dayna - I'll have to check out Harry the Dirty Dog

  4. I still have my favorite book - Lizzie's Lion - it's about a Lion (owned by Lizzie) who eats big bad robbers. LOL

    Also the Bernstein Bears books were always popular at our house and the Fudge books as we got older.


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