Thursday, July 7, 2011

COMING SOON: Bookie Brunch!

Coming soon: Bookie Brunch
Founder: Sasha Soren Random Magic
Come join the discussion!
* Every Sunday*

What’s Bookie Brunch all about?: Bookie Brunch is a weekly meet-up, held every Sunday, where book bloggers can have a cup of tea and chat about a particular bookie question of interest.

The discussion is open from Sunday through Wednesday, and you’re welcome to drop by any time to add your opinion or read what other people have to say.

This discussion is open as well to general readers or bloggers in a different field, authors, publishers and publicists.
Courtesy guidelines: All thoughtful comments will be considered and probably get a response from fellow bloggers. In fact, you’re encouraged to talk about it and share viewpoints or include links to relevant materials. We’d like everyone to have a nice time. Differing viewpoints are just fine, even if strongly expressed, but inflammatory or off-topic comments will be removed. 

Contact Bookie Brunch
Be a guest at an upcoming brunch: @StoryWings

Bring goodies for a giveaway: @StoryWings

Suggest a question: @LiederMadchen 
Browse Bookie Brunch discussions (after July 2011, archive): The Fluidity of Time

Find Bookie Brunch
You’re invited! Feel free to join us every Sunday for great company, fun discussions, and occasional goodie giveaways. Some upcoming dates are listed below, it’ll be great to see you there. Calling all bookies - grab a seat and let’s talk books.

Upcoming Bookie Brunches in July 2011:
We’ll be talking about e-readers vs. print editions, fantasy vs. realism in books, characters vs. plot, and lots of other cool and bookish questions.

Sunday, July 10 - Host: Songs and Stories
Sunday, July 17 - Host: Moonlight Gleam’s Bookshelf
Sunday, July 24 - Host: This Miss Loves To Read
Sunday, July 31 - Host: Beyond Strange New Words
More Bookie Brunches: Every Sunday, July 2011 through December 2011 - COMING SOON!

Would you like to be a guest on an upcoming brunch, bring a giveaway, or send a question? Feel free! Please leave your info below, and then contact the Bookie Bruncher who can help get you set up:

Contact Bookie Brunch
Be a guest at an upcoming brunch: @StoryWings
Bring goodies for a giveaway: @StoryWings
Suggest a question: @LiederMadchen

The first Bookie Brunch is open for a delicious discussion on July 10, at Songs and Stories.

I’m going to be a guest at an upcoming Bookie Brunch on September 25th, feel free to drop by.

See you there!

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  1. Sounds like fun :) I'll have to pop by and check it out on Sunday..


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