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Random Magic A-Z Guest Post with Sasha Soren and a Giveaway

Random Magic: A to Z

If you’ve read quirky magical tale Random Magic (Sasha Soren), then you’ll know all of these – remember when you met all of these characters? Yeah! If you haven’t read Random Magic, here’s a fun list of things in the book that you can read over coffee or print out and fold into a bookmark for some quick reading notes. 

Random Magic: A to Z is part of a review being done by Snowdrop Dreams in live blog format, feel free to check it out!
So, here we go. Random Magic, A to Z…

Well, here are some things that come to mind for each letter:

Alice.  Yes, as in Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In Random Magic, she’s misplaced by absent-minded Professor Random.

Baron Samedi. Also known by the name Baron Cimetière or Baron La Croix. The Baron  is a voodoo entity – in Random Magic, he offers to solve a tricky problem for a terrible price.

Callie. The firstborn of the Nine Muses, she knows every writer who was ever born or ever will be.


De Morgues. A lovely couple, living in a spooky castle in the middle of nowhere; delightfully dark and even more dangerous.


Effie. The easygoing Muse of music, who composes music  just by thinking about it.


Feather. An ordinary feather used with extraordinary skill saves the day.


Guardian. The Guardians of the Gates in the Floating City guard a most precious treasure.


Henry. Our hapless hero, Henry is sent book-jumping to rescue the misplaced Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


Infinity. The hedonistic and cheerful firstborn Muse, Callie, has a sweet tooth for cool drinks, merry company, and loves every book in her infinite library.


Jewels. Henry stumbles upon a strange place where the trees and flowers are made of jewels.


Knitting needles. One of the things Winnie take on the journey is a pair of knitting needles – of a most unusual kind.


Lady Witherspoon. Vain, whimsical and delightful, the mysterious chatelaine of a great house with some unusual inhabitants.


Mort. A butler who’s just as dignified in the afterlife. The word for death, in French, is ,’ ‘mort,’ hence the name – he might or might not have an actual connection to undead French aristocrats.


Nyx. The goddess of night. Found, in Random Magic, in the company of an apprentice wizard who can’t quite get the hang of riddling unsuspecting passers-by.
Nevermore. The well-read, enigmatic companion of Callie, a shapechanger who spends much of his time as a raven. The name is of course found in a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.


Ocean. A living entity, who feels and dreams and longs for a lost love until the end of time.


Pirates. Only one of the dangers our heroes meet on their quest. Winnie goes toe to toe with a ferocious pirate king ,, and there can only be one winner.


Question. Sometimes it’s a matter of life or death to know the right answer to the right question, something that the heroine of RM, Winnie, knows well.


Random. Absent-minded Professor Random is the one who misplaces Alice (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) and so sparks the entire misadventure.


Ships. Hero and heroine Henry and Winnie take to the sea on their quest, meeting with fair winds, strange places and terrifying storms. And pirates.


Tea. The prologue of Random Magic goes wonderfully with a fresh pot of tea – in fact, the scene even features a tasty midnight tea with the eccentric Lady Witherspoon and her unexpected guests.


Underworld. From the Dark Queen to the De Morgues and elsewhere in Winnie’s world, bright days still retain a touch of brimstone, as they’re spent in the company of people who have some lasting connection to the underworld.


Velvet. One of the favorite fabrics of choice of one R.V.B., who’s on occasion taken a vacation from the pages of Random Magic to visit the odd soirée in our world… 


Winnie. The resourceful, loyal and sarcastic heroine of RM.


‘X’ marks the spot. Winnie and Henry come to a crossroads in the Black Forest, and narrowly escape being scooped off to somewhere ghastly by a ghostly rider.


Yarn. Winnie takes along a ball of yarn on their journey – of course, given her gift for magic, it’s not just an ordinary ball of yarn.

Zeus. Travels in disguise, although he can be spotted very early on in RM.

Shown above: Random Magic trailer

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Sasha, thank you so much for doing such an amazingly fun guest post! I hope more people will be intrigued to read your book now that they've read this list. :)

And now for the giveaway!!! I will be offering up one finished copy of Sasha Soren's Random Magic to one lucky winner. Contest open to residents of Canada and USA. Contest ends Aug 5th (a little extra time for this one since it was posted near the end of my giveaways). One winner will be drawn randomly. All you have to do is answer this question (and leave a way to contact you):


  1. I have to say V for velvet. I've always loved velvet clothes even as a kid. Thanks!


  2. I love the list, and I really enjoyed the book. I can't choose just one item off the list - I like all of them :)

  3. love this list!
    V for velvet for me too for oh-so-many reasons ;-D
    RVB rocks!
    not an entry, as i already own this faboo book!

  4. A great list, it reminded me of all the fantastic things I enjoyed in Random Magic. Not an entry, just wanted to say you did a great job with this post.

  5. Don't need to enter me in the drawing, but did want to say --- lovely post! Very cool for doing the A-Z, and thanks much for including a link to my blog. :)

  6. I love N for Nyx, because I love Greek mythology, I think it's so cool and it just fascinates me.
    Thanks for the great giveaway, I'm very intrigued.

  7. my favorite is Mort. A butler who’s just as dignified in the afterlife.
    since I am more on the creepier side and like finding out more about the afterlife

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com


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