Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Perfect #DaywithPuck

Julie Kagawa is having a really amazing contest and this is my entry! To enter all you need to do is:

Post your perfect day with Ash or Puck on your blog, facebook, other, link it in the comments, and be sure to tweet it using the hashtag #DaywithAsh (or Puck). G Rated Please! One Ash winner and one Puck winner. I will choose my four favorites and let decide the rest. U.S. and Canada only this time, sorry. Contest will run to September 25th.

Honestly, I am actually Team Ash, but after a lot of thinking about this entry I decided I'd have way more fun with Puck. #1 Ash is already taken and I think just hanging out with him when his mind is on Meaghan would make for a boring day. And #2 Puck is full of surprises - ALWAYS! Oh and this would just be friends hanging out - no mushy kissy stuff here.

So my perfect day would begin by meeting Puck outside my local coffee shop. We'd stroll through the downtown core of my city checking out the fun little shops. I'm sure Puck would want to stop at the kids toy store and play with all of the display models. I can picture it now: Puck pulling a Tom Hanks a la BIG and playing the gigantic floor piano - he would make so much noise and I would be laughing so hard my sides would hurt. We'd dress up in the kids costumes and chase each other around the store until we got kicked out. 

Next we would mosey on over to the bookstore and we'd check out all of the books in the YA section - especially those involving the Fey. Puck would tell me all of the grusome stories of the different Fey - who picks their nose when they think no one is looking, who secretly likes Queen Mab,  the secret of Grim and his disappearing acts, what it's like to be able to turn into a raven and soar on the wind, and even what it's like fighting with Ash (he really doesn't want to see anything happen to Ash - they really are best friends you know). Puck would start getting loud while exaggerating every story and eventually we would get kicked out of the bookstore for making too much noise.

And to finish off our day, we would have to go on the Haunted Walk Tour of my town. It's a really fun and creepy tour where they tell you all of the ghost stories around town. I love it! Though Puck would make it that much better and would help scare the people on the tour with us - he'd of course turn into a raven and fly out of the darkness at just the right moment. It would be fantastic!

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  1. I love it! I'm thinking about entering this contest too, I agree, I would have more fun with Puck, but I really want to use Ash for this one, so it's gonna be a toughie! Good luck! (:


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