Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guest Post: Author MM Shelley

Hello everyone! I’m M.M. Shelley and I would like to give a BIG thanks to Snowdrop Dreams of Books for inviting me onto her blog today so that I can share my latest book with you!

Mishap & Chaos

This is the second installment in my Mishap Trilogy and it’s about twin sisters, Grasiella and Tatiana. Latina girls who seem to be normal teenage girls, with normal teenage crushes, I said “seem to be” because in reality they are two of the most gifted and powerful girls in the world. The problem is they don’t know how special and unique they are. They also don’t realize that their heritage goes back thousands of years and spans not just continents but solar systems as well.
In the process of learning about their unique heritage, they have some life changing experiences and meet some remarkable people who, while not exactly out of this world, aren’t exactly of it either. 

Pele is the Hawaiian fire goddess and grandmother to Kye and Kana’i. Life has not always been a paradise for her and she has lost both of her sons to tragedy. All she has now are her two grandsons and the time has come for her to make a decision. Will she sacrifice them to keep her power or will she put her personal ambitions aside to save them.

In order to keep control of the islands, she has not revealed to her grandsons the truth about each of their father’s deaths. She plays a tight game with the other gods on the islands and one slip up can change the dynamics to everything.

Hi’iaka is Pele’s sister and a goddess in her own right. Their relationship has always been rocky and neither really trusts the other. Hi’iaka played a part in the death of one of Pele’s sons. She knows it’s only a matter of time before Pele seeks her revenge but she has her own plans for Pele. Forgiveness has never been a family trait. 

Ku is the Hawaiian god of War. It has always been his desire to rule the Islands and with the strife between Pele and Hi’iaka and with the threat from the Leonids and Perseids, he sees his chance to claim his right as ruler.

Hina, a Hawaiian goddess who lives mostly on the moon, is a known trickster and troublemaker. She does not care for power and will change sides without notice. She likes beautiful things and collects them. She is not afraid to go after what she wants. She and Ku have a stormy and passionate relationship.

Nohea is the son of Hi’iaka. He is a troubled soul and has been desperately trying to find his place on the islands.


Kona (Deceased) was Pele’s son, father to Kana’i, and foster father to Kye. He drowned mysteriously.

About Mishap & Chaos

Twins Grasiella & Tatiana are hated and feared by the magical race to which they belong.

Deep within the Hawaiian Islands is a hidden danger an island witch who wants nothing more then to end the line of Pele, the fire goddess. Her influence has breached Pele’s inner circle. The twins must face the consequences of a freed Mnemosyne who no longer stands alone and wants nothing more than to destroy them. Others from Mnemosyne’s world have traveled to earth with unclear intentions. Grasiella and Tatiana’s only focus is to find their missing grandmother. Risking everything, not knowing if she is dead or alive...

Thanks again to Snowdrop Dreams of Books for letting me share with you all today. You can find me over at my blog; mmshelley.blogspot.com or on twitter @MM_Shelley

About the Author:

M.M. Shelley is a storyteller, word smith and dreamer. MISHAP AND MAYHEM, a captivating story of faerie's and magic, is her debut novel. She has traveled the world extensively in search of the magic which is often overlooked in everyday life. M.M. Shelley is a native of southern California, and a student of mythology from which she gets much inspiration.

 *all images in post provided by author as part of guest post

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