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Young Adult Faeries & Fantasy Giveaway Hop

Young Adult Faeries & Fantasy Giveaway Hop
January 6th to 12th
Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer & vvb32reads

Author Sasha Soren has jumped in to help with my stop on the Giveaway Hop - she has written a guest post and is offering up a copy of her book Random Magic. So read along and follow the contest rules that Sasha has come up with to enter for your chance to win her magical book!

For the Faeries and Fantasy event, we'd like to introduce you to a character from Random Magic - the elegant, passionately devoted, and quite lethal Count De Morgue: 

The count let out a sepulchral sigh.
“Ah,” he said, his hypnotic amber gaze flicking towards the stairs.
“My beloved.”
Henry followed his stare. A slender woman in stygian green brocade had materialized soundlessly at the head of the stairs, her face in shadow.
Lady De Morgue wafted down towards them, looking pale and preoccupied. Her veil was slightly off kilter, and she’d forgotten her ever-present brooch, a sentimental gift from the count.
Her glossy ash-dark hair looked hastily brushed, tucked into a chignon that bordered on inelegant.
The planes of her face were almost overly refined, as if they’d been carved in miniature, in valuable old ivory. She looked the sort of woman poets shoot themselves over.
 Like a set of matching funereal angels, Lady De Morgue was as beautiful to look at as the count, and doubly gloomy.
- Excerpt, Random Magic by Sasha Soren

Now, over to you and let's have some fun! Based on this excerpt about the Count De Morgue - who do you think would be the best actor to play him in a movie version of Random Magic?

Here are two great picks, from two casting features on Random Magic, so you can check out two takes on the character:

 Actor #1
Eleni, at La Femme Readers (@LaFemmeReaders): I'd pick Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp is not only handsome and mischievous looking, but also a fantastic actor. Just like Helena Bonham Carter, his creepy delivery is spot on. In my opinion, he'd play a sexy count who sought out fresh blood. 
(Image and quote source: La Femme Readers)
Read more La Femme Readers picks: Casting Random Magic

Actor #2
Jen, at Makeshift Bookmark (@MakeshiftJen): I'd pick Robert Downey, Jr. He definitely has the heavy-lidded gaze down pat. I can see Robert Downey, Jr. playing this particular, uhm, type of being. Charming, a tad eccentric and generally weird, and ultimately a pretty handsome guy. 
(Image and quote source: Makeshift Bookmark)
Read more Makeshift Bookmark picks: Casting Random Magic

It's your turn! Your (fantasy) mission, if you should choose to accept:

You're casting a movie version of Random Magic, and it's up to you to pick out the perfect actor for the role of the Count De Morgue.

Here are the details you're given, in addition to the excerpt above:

Book quote: "The count smiled, his heavy-lidded hazel eyes gleaming with the prospect of unexpected diversion…Fresh blood was exactly what they required..."
More details: Topaz or hazel eyes, dark hair (casual, long or styled in old-fashioned style), wearing dark brown, elegant smoking jacket.

You're also given the book trailer to check out, shown below:

Armed with this information about this charming good guy-bad guy, whom would YOU pick to play him, and why? Give an interesting pick to play to win a copy of Random Magic!

How to win a copy of Random Magic - and have some fun, too.
There are three simple and easy things to do and you're entered to win.

#1 of 3: QUICK BLOG POST - Give your casting pick
Do a quick and easy blog post:
- Title: Casting Random Magic
- Image: Your casting pick for the Count De Morgue
- Text: Why you think that actor would be the perfect Count De Morgue
- Link: Link back to this post.

Posting to your YouTube account or Pinterest board instead of your
blog is totally okay, it's up to you.

#2 of 3: LINK UP - Tell us who you picked
- Add your post to the linky collection provided below, where it says
'Add your link.'
- On the thumbnail link, please list your blog name first (giving
yourself a shout-out), and then the actor you'd want to play the Count
De Morgue.

#3 of 3: TWEET YOUR LINK - Share the chance to win
Tweet a link to this post - or tweet a link to your own post, Casting
Random Magic (your choice).

Mark off your two entries (blog post, tweet) in the Rafflecopter box, so you'll get credit for your post and so it's easy to get in touch with you if you've won. Offer open from Jan. 6-15, 2012. International. Have fun and good luck!DONE!

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Here's the link to the linky code if you'd like to add this to your blog post. LINKY


Find Random Magic: Print | Kindle
Explore Random Magic: YouTube | Tumblr | Twitter | Pinterest

*****2011 Honors for Random Magic*****
Random Magic was a top pick for best books of 2011 at:
Bookish Ardour - Top Five Best Books
Beyond Strange New Words - Top 10 Favorite Books
Snowdrop Dreams of Books - Top Five Desert Island Must-Have Books

As well as:
Good Reads (styled goodreads) - Can't Wait Books for 2011
Good Reads (styled goodreads) - Bucket List Books



By the way, Deserted Island is going to be an ongoing feature and just launched this year, so if you'd like to drop a line to be included in a profile, feel free to contact Chrystal (@snowdropdreams) (already booked through March, spots open in April and May 2012) - Drop by on Jan. 26, 2012, for a visit from Sasha Soren, author of 'Random Magic.'

The young adult (YA) Mythology Challenge is hosted by Tiffany (@AboutToRead) at For Those  About to Read..., and you're also welcome to sign up if it sounds like fun: Sign-up info


  1. You're trying to kill us, aren't you--Johnny Deep AND Robert Downey Jr in the same movie?!?! The theater would burn down, there's be so much hotness in one room.


  2. Ooh! I just watched Sherlock Holmes, so I'm tempted to go with Robert. But Johnny's just so irresistible, so I guess it's him:)

    Added my link (Sarah @ Random Thoughts of a Confused Adolescent)





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