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Death By Chocolate Valentine Blog Tour

Guest Post with author Kira Saito (author of Bound and the upcoming release Punished)

Why I Write
Honestly, I can't think of a time when I didn't write. But, when I was younger, I was into writing overly dramatic prose and angst filled essays. I read Dante's Divine Comedy and Dr. Faustus when I was 12 years old when I should have been reading Judy Blume.
Paulo Coelho, Osho, Anne Rice, Christopher Marlowe, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Poe and Dickinson were (are) my heroes. I thought that in order to be a great writer, you had to be totally dramatic and insightful. People had to read your book a few times before they actually got it. You had to be an alcoholic or a drug addict; you had to be different and difficult. I was determined to move to some exotic country, spend my days sitting in a wine/coffee bar and scowling at those who didn't get it (Well, this dream partly did come true).
Then, something weird happened, in University, I stumbled upon chick-lit and YA books (yes, I'm Benjamin Button). I was horrified, because I actually liked the stuff. It became my dirty little secret. I secretly started stalking authors like Marian Keyes and Sophia Kinsella.
Then something else happened, I realized that some of the greatest writers are those that entertain their readers. For just a few hours, they allow readers to escape into a world that they built and created. I realized that you in order to be a great writer, you need to illicit a reaction in your readers.
Now when I write, I strive to create characters that I know people will hate, will roll their eyes at, will want to kill and of course love.
So, if you want to shake your head, roll your eyes, cry, and laugh while shaking your fists in the air (God Jersey Shore just came to mind) check out DBC.

Death by Chocolate - The paranormal young adult anthology with a cocoa twist.

Death by Chocolate is the paranormal young adult romance anthology. Six authors, Stacey Wallace Benefiel, Cheryl J. Carvajal, Nikki Jefford, Lucy Swing, Kira Saito and Suz Korb, bring you supernatural adventure stories, each with a cocoa twist. The stories are: Back in Time by Stacey Wallace Benefiel, Sweet Witchery by Cheryl J. Carvajal, Spellbound by Nikki Jefford, Bloody Valentine by Lucy Swing, Sweet Torture by Kira Saito and The Girl with Three Heads by Suz Korb. Time travel, witchcraft, terror, agony and light hearted comedy too. Combined with more than just a hint of enchantment, these stories are the ingredients for the Death by Chocolate recipe of romance.

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Kira's short story in this anthology is called Sweet Torture.
Sixteen year old Claudia Bernstein is obsessed with two things: chocolate and Dante Torres. However, being an invisible minion to Upper East Side princess Beatrice Wildenbert isn't helping her get anywhere with her dream guy. Everything changes over Christmas break when Dante actually starts noticing her. But are Dante's intentions as pure as they seem? When Claudia finds herself in the middle of a cruel prank, she decides to take revenge. But is revenge enough? Or will she finally realize that her own worst enemy is herself?

About the author:
Kira is a magic junkie that loves writing YA paranormal romances. Some of her heroes include: Jack the Pumpkin King, Willy Wonka, Larry David, Princess Jasmine, the vampire Lestat, Andy and her Maltese Costanza. You can email Kira here  and you can find out more about Kira on her website.



  1. Thank you Chrystal for having us!!

    1. Thank you for being a part of the blog. Stop by anytime. ;)

  2. Ha, ha. That's funny, Kira. I used to read classics and watch musicals growing up. Now I'm hooked on books like "The Hunger Games" and series like Buffy and The Vampire Diaries.

    How refined we become in our mature age... :)

  3. Wow, Kira! You read Faustus at age 12? I was forced to study that supernatural play for university. Probably would have enjoyed it more when I was younger. lol


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