Thursday, February 16, 2012

Deserted Island: Aislynn from Stitch Read Cook

Weekly Feature here at Snowdrop Dreams of Books where authors and bloggers share what five books and what five other items they would want with them if they were ever stuck on a deserted island and why they chose them. Some posts are serious, some are extremely silly and some are mixture. Check back every week to see what your fave authors and bloggers would pick.

My BFF, Aislynn, from Stitch Read Cook has stopped by today to share her Deserted Island list with us! She has some really great book choices on her list and very practical choices for items she would want too.

The 5 books I would take with me are: (now this was a REALLY hard choice to make.. I have so many favorite books)

1)  Skye O'Malley by Bertrice Small
2)  Inca Gold by Clive Cussler
3)  Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
4)  Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind
5)  The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig

The 5 other things I would take with me are:
If I could take my hubby and ours dogs I would but I'm sure that's not something I'm suppose to pick!
1)  A multi-use utility knife - that has all the gadgets (screw driver, knife.. etc)
2)  A trap or heavy duty large blanket to build a shelter
3)  An over-sized water container - ie. water bottle, cooler or something along that line.
4)  A journal to keep track of all the events that happen, where I've visited, things I've seen etc.
5)  A solar powered flash light or lantern - so I can see at night to read!

Thank you Chrystal for asking me to participate in this awesome new feature!

You can find Aislynn over at her blog Stitch Read Cook, on Twitter, or on Facebook!


  1. Interesting sugesstions, Aislynn! I especially like the journal idea, assuming a pen goes with it.


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