Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guest Post: author Audrey Hart (author of The Dig)

Most of you probably know that I recently read the novel The Dig by Audrey Hart (you can find my review here) and I loved it! The cover is so freaking gorgeous too. I asked Audrey if she would guest post on Valentine's Day as I just loved her characters Zoe and Zeus. So without further ado....

Audrey Hart
There’s this couple in my neighborhood that is always together. Seriously. It’s been seven years and I can’t figure out how they pay their rent because they are always holding hands, staring into each others eyes and pretty much glued to each other. They never interact with other people, as in never ever, never in a group and never without each other. You know the famous scene in Lady and the Tramp with the spaghetti? Yeah, it’s like that. Only, of course, they’re humans.
The other day a friend and I had a debate about whether they’re happy or not. She sighed. She said she wishes she could find someone she wants be around 24/7. I was aghast. They seem so dysfunctional to me. I mean if the only time you spend away form your significant other is in the rest room, I think there might be some co-dependency going on. And if they’re always together, what do they talk about? My friend said, “Oh who cares. It’s just plain sweet.” She has a point, but where do you draw the line between lovebirds and creepy codependency?

I started thinking about The Dig. Why was it so important for Zoe and Zeus to hang out with his friends on Olympus? Why couldn’t they have just run off together into the woods and lived on berries and kisses? And I thought, well that would be a really boring book. To me, love is an adventure, a daily learning experience. Sometimes it hurts; Zoe was obviously not happy to see Zeus kissing his ex-girlfriend. And sometimes it’s aggravating; Zeus can only listen to Zoe’s neurotic fears so much before he snaps. But that’s what makes love exciting. Someone drives you nuts, and you only care about that person more.

So if you’re alone today and wishing your life were more like Lady and the Tramp, remember that being alone can make you brave, and braveness is a great quality to bring into a relationship when you do find someone, which you will. And if you’re that couple always attached at the hips, sharing the spaghetti, well, have fun. I mean, it’s your day, after all. But tomorrow, buck up, be brave and maybe hit the coffee shop all by yourself. Because people in love who live in the world as individuals sometimes form stronger bonds because of that. Just ask Zoe and Zeus. 
Where to find Audrey Hart: Zoe and Zeus Site | Twitter

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