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Guest Post: Misty Dietz on Romantic Suspense Novels

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Romantic Suspense Makes Your Heart Race
By Misty Dietz
I write romantic suspense because I love mystery, and I’m a sucker for romance. Both are timeless. Both make the world go round.
Both make you think.
And because that’s how my brain works. I tried writing a straight-up romance, but it didn’t work. My characters always wound up getting themselves into dangerous situations with bad people.
I read romantic suspense because I want the heart-pounding joys and knee-knocking holy-craps that aren’t as common in our mundane, predictable lives.
Make me scared, make me cry, go for it, but I darn well want that happy ending. Without it, you might as well just go turn on the evening news. For me, I feel cheated when books don’t promise that happily ever after. Romantic suspense novels deliver.
Romantic suspense novels also offer opportunities for character growth that you may not get from straight romance or straight mystery. Trial by fire, as they say. Or, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I love to strap in for the ride with characters as they face their inner demons, fail, get back up, go through black moments and then come out damaged, but better. More sure of themselves and their place in the world.
That’s life on steroids, often suffused with morals that reinforce things we all value. Loyalty, courage, honor, self-respect…all these themes and so many more come through in romantic suspense novels due to the nature of the genre.
I’ll never stop writing or reading romantic suspense. Who needs the Kardashians anyway?
Misty is one of the many talented authors who belong to the Romance Writers of America’s Kiss of Death chapter. At Kiss of Death we believe that every great romance should include suspense. Whether a spy thriller in Regency times, a paranormal romance with a revenge-seeking zombie, or a traditional serial killer after the heroine, romance relies on suspense, leading the reader through the trials of the heroine and hero to see if they will get their happily ever after ending. If you can call your writing suspenseful, then the Kiss of Death has something for you! Find out more and join at and follow us on Twitter at @RWAKissofDeath.
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Love Me To Death
By Allison Brennan

“Grabbing the reader by the throat from almost the first page, this pulse-ratcheting romantic suspense from Brennan (Original Sin) delivers intense action, multifaceted characters, and a truly creepy bad guy. FBI hopeful Lucy Kincaid is trying to heal from a brutal attack six years earlier. She volunteers at a program dedicated to luring and rearresting repeat sex offenders via the Internet, but then discovers a horrifying connection between her work and the execution-style murders of the parolees. PI Sean Rogan, a friend of Lucy's brothers, becomes focused on protecting her at any cost, and their mutual passion flares. As Lucy draws closer to the truth, effective red herrings litter the way and throw her deeper into confusion. Also confusing are a too large cast and intricate backstory from the previous related titles, the only things marring this fast-paced, engrossing read.” - Publisher’s Weekly

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  1. I love how engaging the genre is. The action and tension keeps me on my toes and wanting to know what happens next.


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