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Guest Post with author Cyndi Tefft

For the last day of Romance Week I leave you with an amazing guest post by Cyndi Tefft - author of Between. If you haven't red this book, I highly suggest getting yourself a copy via the links below or you could just enter my giveaway for a copy (ebook of course). You can read my review of Between here

Marriage Proposals (aka Ooh! Ooh! Pick Me!)

My blog is called Love Stories because I love stories and most especially love stories! See how clever I am? :)

One of my favorite activities is to ask couples how they met. It’s a great way to quickly dig deeper and get to know people. In fact, most couples love to talk about how they met. They get that dreamy far-away look on their faces as they think back to those early days of romance and falling in love. *blissful sigh*

Another favorite of mine is to ask couples how they got engaged. Did he ask or did she? What was the setting? Was it an intimate spur-of-the-moment question or a full-fledged production complete with llamas and skywriters? Every story is different and yet they share the common threads of love and hope for the future. I can’t help but get sucked in. Romance rocks!

So in that vein, I’ll share my story with you and I want to hear yours! Deal?

I met my husband on a boat trip the week before I started my freshman year of college. It was a make-friends-before-school-starts cruise organized by the college and it worked like a charm. When I stepped off the boat, I had a ready-made group of friends to hang out with, including Dave. The guy who lived across the hall from Dave in the dorm hung out with us, too. He was cute and we started dating. It was magical and exciting.

It lasted two weeks.

And then not-so-magical guy stomped all over my freshman heart until I was sure I would die. I poured out all my pain and heartache to Dave, who listened, who was there for me, who cheered me up, who made me laugh.

I found a new kind of magic: a deeper, lasting magic. I knew without a doubt that he was The One, that I didn’t want to go a day without seeing his face, hearing his deep, rumbling laugh, and feeling his warmth.

We spent hours under the stars, talking. There was one star down low in the horizon that blinked blue and red. It was our star. If the weather was cloudy, you couldn’t always see it, but it was special. One night, the sky was dazzlingly bright with stars and it was there.

Blue. Red. Blue. Red.

Dave was standing against a boulder, holding me in his arms, while the star blinked on and off above us. I stared at him, wishing I had telepathic abilities as I sent this message to him in my mind:

“Ask me. Ask me. Ask me.”

He didn’t.

As we left and started walking back, he stopped in the middle of the path and said, “You know what? I almost...”


“No, you’ll think...”

“What? Tell me.”

“I almost asked you to marry me back there.”

Love surged over me like a tidal wave. He’d heard. He’d felt it, too.

“It’s not too late,” I said. He grinned.

This December will be our 20th anniversary. And I’d do it all again.

What about you? Share your story!

Here is my quick little love story...
I met my future hubby on an online dating site - I know, online dating, right? I did have quite a few terrible dates. I was always looking at profiles with photos, mostly out of curiousity, but finally I just gave in and looked at ones that stated what they were looking for - photo or not. One profile just jumped at me - the little tagline said "Looking for a goodhearted woman". I read the profile and it was short and sweet and exactly what I was looking for. Almost a week later I received a reply message and we began some of the most amazing conversations to date. After a month of texts, phone calls and emails, we finally met (though I had seen a photo of him - his photo did not do him justice).  After our second date, I just knew we were meant to be, he was a gentleman through and through (they are rare nowadays). We moved in together six months later. Three days before Christmas in 2010 he took me to the mall to help pick out my gift - he always likes to make sure I receive exactly what I want/need (he's the practical one). Once there he announced that we were getting an engagement ring because he knew I was the one. He wanted it to be perfect and wanted me to pick it out. We are getting married this September!

Okay so now I bet you are wondering about this contest I mentioned? 
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