Friday, March 9, 2012

La Estrella (The Star) by Javi Araguz and Isabel Hierro

I was recently contacted by the authors Javi Araguz and Isabel Hierro about their Spanish YA novel, La Estrella (The Star). They have published this book in Spanish in over 20 countries and it has be translated to Portuguese for release in Brazil this year. The authors are hoping to have it translated into English soon.

Right now, you can sign up on their blog to be notified as soon as it is available in English. Even though it's in Spanish right now, I am dying to see it translated. The cover is gorgeous and the trailer is intriguing, so I've already added my name to the list. 

La Estrella

The boy’s eyes glittered so strongly, presaging an imminent rupture of The Quietude. Lan was perfectly aware of the prohibition of touching a Star Walker, but right now there was no turning back as their fates had inevitably been sealed off.

Centuries ago a catastrophe turned Linde into a hostile place; since then, the survivors have learned to live in isolation within the boundaries of the Safe Limits. But, the planet is constantly subjected to a change in shape and people are lost, never return. After a violent planetary transformation, Lan, a courageous girl from Salvia clan, wakes up in the middle of the desert, only to be rescued by her worst enemy.

A young man marked by a curse.
A village hiding the biggest secret ever to be kept.
A love as dangerous as it is impossible.
A world whose surface is forever undergoing changes… when getting lost is the equivalent of death.

Click here to read the first chapter in English!

 “A heart breaking story which leaves you with your heart in your throat.” Leer sin lĂ­mites

"A small jewel within the current YA fiction." ImposibleAinara in Anobii

"I have fallen in love with it. It’s one of the most beautiful stories I've read." La vida secreta de los libros


  1. I got contacted by the authors too, and I can't wait for the english version either. The book sounds awesome!
    Giselle @

    1. It sounds really interesting and I love the cover. :)


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