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Deserted Island: Touya from The Reader's Garden

Weekly Feature here at Snowdrop Dreams  of Books where authors and bloggers share what five books and what five  other items they would want with them if they were ever stuck on a  deserted island and why they chose them. Some posts are serious, some  are extremely silly and some are mixture. Check back every week to see  what your favourite authors and bloggers would pick. Click here if you would like to participate.

This week Touya from The Reader's Garden is stopping by with her Deserted Island picks! Thanks Touya for sharing your choices with us. I am loving that you picked The Last Unicorn as one of your five books! I have never read the book, but I love the movie so much. I'll be adding this to my wishlist now. 

Oh, my goodness. ^_^ I love memes! Thank you so much for allowing me to participate. I agonized over what to pick for a few days. I mean, there’s no way of knowing when or if you’ll be rescued so I had to think everything over carefully. Sun and sand I can handle. I rarely burn, but a jungle type or a foresty type I don’t think I’d survive as easily so I took the variables into consideration when picking my items. Here goes, my five would die without items:
1. A Frying Pan (of the cast iron sort) – I would prefer this to be a medium size one, something like Rapunzel had in Tangled but I won’t be picky a small or a large one would work just as well. I have to have something to cook with; a slab of stone a fire isn’t going to work for me. I work much better with a frying pan, and it’s a good self defense weapon.

2. Paper (lots of it) – I might actually get some writing done if I was stranded somewhere. ^_^ I’m sure I could make some ink and a quill for a writing instrument, but I’m not altogether sure pressing paper is for me. I think I’d go screaming into the night if I couldn’t write down the thoughts that plague my imagination throughout the day. And there’s something therapeutic about being able to write.

3. A knife – This would have to be something smoothed edged (to make sharpening easier) and something not so big to make carrying easy too. I think a knife is a necessity for any survival because you can carve with it and whittle with it and well do all sorts of knife things with it. >_< (Can you tell I’ve never actually used a knife for survival before? Lol)

4. A guitar – No, I cannot play, yet. However if I was on a deserted island I think it’s an absolute. Music is nearly a vital to me as breathing. I’ve never actually done anything without having music playing I think it would be weird and out of a character to be without it.

5. A Tent – There’s no way I would be able to sleep without that small illusion that there’s something protecting my unconscious body from the elements. It’s not even all the elements either. I can’t sleep on the ground. I have this thing about bugs and dirt. Maybe it’s a phobia? I don’t know, but if I didn’t have anything between me and the bugs I would die from lack of sleep. ^_^

Now for the best part! The books.

My 5 books that would have to come with me anywhere:

1. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – This is one of my all time favorites. Anna’s struggles and Etienne’s indecisions are a must have. And I don’t think I’d ever get bored rereading their antics.

2. Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi – This book is so good I own two copies. ^_^ One ebook and one hardback. I never get tired of this world. There’s so much richness in Ms. Rossi’s world I think I’ve found something new each time I read the story.

3. The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle – My first novel-like book. I can’t go anywhere without it. It’s like my security blanket. ^_^

4. Hourglass by Myra McEntire – There’s no words to describe the fantasticism of this book. I would be heartbroken if I couldn’t have it with me. T_T

5. Macbeth or Hamlet by William Shakespeare – I can’t decide between the two as I love both plays. I found this love of Shakespeare in high school and I think I would feel deprived if I didn’t have at least one with me, though I guess I should change that to the Complete Works of and have them all. It would save the problem of choosing wouldn’t it?

Wow, upon review, my choices seem pretty juvenile. ^_^ Maybe that youth will help me get through being stuck on a deserted island? Lol. This was so much fun! Thanks again for allowing me to participate!

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