Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deserted Island with author A. Jacob Sweeny

Weekly Feature here at Snowdrop Dreams  of Books where authors and bloggers share what five books and what five  other items they would want with them if they were ever stuck on a  deserted island and why they chose them. Some posts are serious, some  are extremely silly and some are mixture. Check back every week to see  what your favourite authors and bloggers would pick. Click here if you would like to participate.

This week A. Jacob Sweeny, author of Pulse of Heroes, is stranded on our deserted island. If you haven't heard about the Pulse of Heroes blog tour - you should go check it out! Thanks for being here!

5 items that AJ Sweeny would like with her on a deserted island are:
1) matches
2) a knife
3) razor/tweezers ;)
4) dog/pet
5) gun

5 books that she would like with her if ever stuck on a deserted island are:
1) The Bible
2) Shakespeare Collection
3) Upanishads
4) The Epic of Gilgamesh
5) Survival Manual

About the author:
A. Jacob Sweeny holds a degree in History with an emphasis on Ancient Near East. Her immersion in world myths and her archaeological fieldwork provided the initial spark that led to the development of The Pulse Myth series which is a trilogy that includes Pulse Of Heroes, Of Blood And Pulse, and soon to come Pulse Genesis. Adding to this collection is a new series of novellas and shorts called- Pulse Historia. A Sword for- His Women available in kindle version is the first short. Besides writing, A. Jacob Sweeny loves to cook and Italian and Indian foods are some of her favorite cuisines. She has always been immersed in the literary world and will read anything from Shakespearian plays, philosophy and spiritual books, to comedy and modern thought. She is a strong advocate for the protection of women and children worldwide. And is active in animal rights groups. She suffers bouts of writer’s insomnia, and is delighted to share those hours with her pug and two cats.

Find A. Jacob Sweeny around the wed: Website | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter

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