Thursday, May 24, 2012

Deserted Island with Canadian author Linda Poitevin

Weekly Feature here at Snowdrop Dreams  of Books where authors and bloggers share what five books and what five  other items they would want with them if they were ever stuck on a  deserted island and why they chose them. Some posts are serious, some  are extremely silly and some are mixture. Check back every week to see  what your favourite authors and bloggers would pick. Click here if you would like to participate.

This week Canadian author Linda Poitevin is writing about what she would want with her if ever stuck on a deserted island. She is one practical lady, I tell ya.  She is even prepared if zombies were to ever take over the world while she is stranded there.

Five Books, Five Items, One Deserted Island…

When Chrystal told me the topic for this blog post, my first thought was: what fun! My second, third, and many subsequent thoughts were along the lines of: Ooh, I think I’d want to have…no, not that…oh, how about…or better yet…or…no, wait -- I know!

The truth? This was a lot harder to do than I expected it to be. You see, if I were to be stranded on a desert island, I’d want my family with me…except that wouldn’t really be fair to the kids, who are just embarking on their own lives. This would be easily solved if I had a means of transportation off the island, of course, but that kinda defeats the whole stranded idea, know what I mean? So then I thought laptop! With satellite uplink! But that would require electricity and I’m sorry, but if I’m going to be stranded on a desert island, I do not want all the modern conveniences. Candlelight, perhaps (if I have room on my list), but definitely not electricity.

And so my thoughts went. Can you see how this was becoming difficult?


Being a practical person at heart, I decided to simplify my thinking. What would the Swiss Family Robinson have needed if they were stranded in today’s world? Have you ever read that book? I think it may have been my favorite ever when I was young…and I so think they should remake the movie! But I digress. Getting back to the list, first I’d need some kind of tools, but with only 5 items allowed, do I opt for a knife? Ax? Hammer? Oh, I know! How about the Apocalypse Kit?!? It has every tool needed for surviving – yup, you guessed it, the Apocalypse itself. Including (are you ready for this?) a zombie Apocalypse! Seriously. With this puppy on hand (check it out), I would ace living on a desert island. Even if it were infested with the undead.

Moving along, my second item of choice would be a fire source: matches? Lighter? Nope…a good old fashioned flint. Third, I’d want some kind of cooking vessel. Cast iron, I think, so it would last forever, and big and deep so it could double as a washtub. Fourth, a satellite phone (a laptop is just too undependable…especially mine!) because I just don’t think I could enjoy being stranded if I couldn’t somehow keep in touch with my family. And fifth, a solar panel for powering the phone.

The book issue would be a little easier for me. I’ve mentioned that practical side, right? First, a book on indigenous plant species, including diagrams (or photos) and an index of what’s edible, poisonous, etc. Second, a how-to guide for building shelters (see? That Apocalypse Kit will come in handy for cutting down the necessary materials. Aren’t you glad I have it along?).

For my third book, I’d want a hunting and fishing how-to that includes making your own weapons, and instructions on butchering and tanning. Book number four would be a guide to making leather goods: clothing, moccasins, etc. I could probably figure out how to make most things myself through trial and error, but a been-there-and-this-is-how-it’s-done book would make life much easier.

For fifth and final book, an empty journal. Now that my eventual stranding is so carefully planned, I should live a long and fruitful life on my desert island. I want a place to record my thoughts and experiences so that, eventually, my children would have something to remember me by. If I didn’t fill the pages with my stories instead…in which case, at least I’d be leaving them some entertainment instead, right? (So much for my practicality!)

And that ends my list. So? How do you think I did? Have I forgotten anything major, or do you think I stand a chance of survival (with or without zombies)?

**P.S. Having read this, my husband feels that he should be one of my items…I’ve told him I’ll agree to take him instead of the flint, but only if he perfects his fire-making skills in advance!

**P.P.S. Thank you so much for letting me participate in this meme, Chrystal! Once I got over the angsting, I had loads of fun!!

About the author:
Linda Poitevin is the author of the dark urban fantasy series, The Grigori Legacy, from Ace/Roc Books. Linda lives near Ottawa, Canada’s capital, and in her other life is wife, mother, friend, gardener, coffee snob, freelance writer, and zookeeper of too many pets.
Linda is a member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, Quebec Writers’ Federation, Romance Writers of America, RWA Futuristic Fantasy Paranormal Chapter, and Ottawa Romance Writers’ Association.


  1. Hehe, this post made me giggle. Linda really put a lot of thought into this! Not one luxury item; I'm impressed. Plus I liked the footnote about exchanging the flint for her pro fire starting husband. Too cute!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post, Carmel! And yeah, I've never been too much of one for the luxury items in life...drives poor hubby batty when it comes time for gift-buying. :)

    2. It is pretty awesome! So excited when I received the guest post. :)

  2. Lol, this has made me laugh a few times. Excellent post - very practical, I see Linda is ready to survive anything.

    1. So glad I could give you a chuckle, Pepca. I'm very practical indeed...hoping that counts for something in a Zombie Apocalypse!! :D

    2. Totally practical! :) Love the zombie apocalypse set. ;)

  3. Great post, and definitely very practical. I think there was a lot more thought put into Linda's items than most of us would give. Which would probably give her a huge advantage in surviving more easily and comfortably.

    1. Maybe, Sarah...or maybe it's just further evidence of my tendency to overthink EVERYthing in my life. *sigh* ;)

  4. Great answers! I'm impressed. I'm an overthinker, too, but don't think I'd have done as well (you got me with the Zombie Apocalypse). I especially like the quick exchange condition for your hubby :-)

    1. I did not pick completely practical items when I posted my own Deserted Island picks. LOL After hosting so many different authors and bloggers, I think I would pick totally different items now. LOL


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