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Review: Blood and Whiskey by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall


Blood and Whiskey by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall
Published: May 1, 2012
Publisher: Pumpjack Press
Pages: 362
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Wanted: Lizzie Vaughan, Dead or Alive

Relationships are always hard, but for a broke cowboy and a newly turned Vampire, true love may be lethal.

After barely surviving an undead apocalypse in The Cowboy and the Vampire, Tucker and Lizzie hightail it back to quirky LonePine, Wyoming (population 438), to start a family. But she’s got a growing thirst for blood and he’s realizing that mortality ain’t all it’s cracked up to be when your girlfriend may live forever. With a scheming Vampire nation hot on their boot heels and a price on her head, how far will Lizzie and Tucker go to protect their unlikely love?

Blending evolution, religion and an overly sensitive cow dog named Rex, Blood and Whiskey drags the Vampire myth into the modern west, delivering double-barreled action, heart-pounding passion and wicked humor.
I did not realize when I requested Blood and Whiskey that it was a second in a series, I suppose that is my issue for not reading the details about the book. I just fell in love with the title and cover and I was sold on the book without really reading the synopsis, but that didn't really diminish my thoughts on the book. I just really want to go back and read The Cowboy and the Vampire now, because I think it will be an amazing read.

A quick run down of the happenings in this cowboy and vampire story:

1) Who knew that mixing cowboys and vampires could turn out so wonderfully? I sure didn't, but am really glad that Hays and McFall thought to try it. 
2) There are different races/clans of vampires in this story, some that only drink from evil humans to help kill the most vile of humans and then there are those like the Reptiles that just drink and kill whomever the like. Very interesting indeed. And then there are those vampires in general who don't want to even drink from a donor and get their blood from blood bank type places (think of drinking a glass of blood a la Bella).
3) Some very cool MacGuyveresque/DIY weapons are found in this novel including one pretty kick-ass stake launching gun that even Buffy would love to have in her arsenal. Pretty creative to use compressed air from a whipped cream canister to create a weapon.
4) Oh and did I mention that Lizzie (the new vampire queen) is pregnant with her Tuckers baby? Oh ya, she was pregnant before she was turned - this was a shocker to me.
5) I'm not big on politics, but vampire politics were fascinating.
6) And lastly, what cowboy and vampire book would be complete without a little romance? 

Here's hoping for a third book in this series and I'm off to pick up book one to read.


  1. Chrystal, thanks for the great review. As election season heats up, here's hoping vampire politics are a little more entertaining. Hope you enjoy the the first book as well, and stay tuned. we're already plotting out book three!

    1. I'm looking forward to reading them both now. :)

  2. Sounds interesting! I like a bit different twist on paranormal romance.

    1. Me too, I get tired of the same thing over and over. :) This was definitely different than the normal paranormal stuff I've read.

    2. Pepca, it's different all right. But GOOD different. Not different like lime jello and mashed potatoes. That's BAD different.

  3. Well sounds different, cowboys and vampires, but it's good to try something different. Thanks for the review!

    1. Give it a try, Gaby, and let us know if it was the right kind of different for you.


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