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Review: Flame of Surrender (The Ferryman and the Flame) by Rhiannon Paille

Flame of Surrender (The Ferryman and the Flame Book One) by Rhiannon Paille
Publisher: Coscom Entertainment
Published: November 1, 2011
Pages: 372
Received: ebook from author for honest review
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The boy who follows death meets the girl who could destroy the world.
Krishani thinks he’s doomed until he meets Kaliel, the one girl on the island of Avristar who isn’t afraid of him. She’s unlike the other girls, she swims with merfolk, talks to trees and blooms flowers with her touch. What he doesn’t know is that she’s a flame, one of nine individually hand crafted weapons, hidden in the body of a seemingly harmless girl.

Nobody has fallen in love with a flame until now. She becomes Krishani’s refuge from the dreams of death and the weather abilities he can’t control. Striking down thousand year old trees with lightning isn’t something he tries to do, it just happens. When the Ferryman dies, Krishani knows that he’s the next and that a lifetime of following death is his destiny.

And Kaliel can’t come with him. The Valtanyana are hunting the flames, the safest place for her is Avristar. Krishani can’t bear to leave her, and one innocent mistake grants the Valtanyana access to their mystical island. They’re coming for Kaliel, and they won’t stop until every last living creature on Avristar is dead. She has to choose, hide, face them, or awaken the flame and potentially destroy herself.

I'm at a loss for words... really. How do I write a review about a book without spoilers?

Kaliel and Krishani are star-crossed lovers who were meant for different paths. They were never supposed to fall in love, they were meant to fulfill destinies with meanings greater than anything they've ever imagined. Kaliel can do many things that she is not supposed to be able to do, so why not fall in love? The elven marry the land, they don't fall in love - but how can the heart be told to go against itself?

Their characters are amazingly strong and wonderfully written. I think I kind of fell in love with Kaliel and Krishani - just a little bit. Such an unforgettable story. 

The character building and world building were incredible. Avristar sounds like such an amazing island to visit, with it's breathtaking scenery. The Great Oak is something that I would not want to mess with, but it's surroundings sound gorgeous. Imagine being able to touch a tree and hear it speak, or make flowers grow at it's base or be able to speak with merfolk? These are abilities that I would love to have.

It is a very unique story filled with enchanting characters, unbelievable scenery, intense magic, ruthless villains, and you are left with the overall thought of "How far would you go to save everything you ever loved?" 

Looking forward to the next installment of The Ferryman and The Flame Series - I need to know what happens next!

About the Author: 
Rhi was never a normal girl. She tried, but she couldn’t get rid of the visions, the voices in her head, or the hallucinations. When she was on the edge of crazy someone pulled her back and explained it all. She wasn’t insane, she was psychic, really psychic, too psychic.

Her life was an urban fantasy wrapped in a paranormal romance and served with a side of horror.

To escape her everyday weirdness she began writing fantasy. Her favorite is an epic fantasy series called The Ferryman and The Flame. Using her vast knowledge of metaphysics she crafted a story that’s not only original, but somewhat true. Straying from the YA trends, The Ferryman and The Flame is about girls that are powerful weapons, a boy that is a sexy ferryman and a land that is alive. Her first book, FLAME OF SURRENDER, will transport you to Avristar and make you wish you could stay there forever.

Her writing style has been called refreshing, emotional and sexy. Her favorite scenes are her “hot like wow” and “tearjerker” scenes. She likes writing about true love, kissing, falling in love, friendship, unimaginable odds, death, the apocalypse and tragic endings.

When she’s not writing books she’s reading minds, healing people, teaching metaphysics and fighting demons. 

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