Saturday, August 25, 2012

Review: Dead is a Battlefield by Marlene Perez

Published: March 2012
Publisher: Graphia
Pages: 227
Received: from Thomas Allen & Son

Jessica Walsh is starting her freshman year at Nightshade High and trying to forget about the tragic events surrounding her brother’s graduation. She wants to have a normal high school experience. But that’s easier said than done in Nightshade.

When a new boy shows up at school, the girls are infected with a case of seriously creepy crushes. But when their obsession turns to violence, Jessica and her friends start to wonder if there’s more going on than just a little friendly rivalry. Are the smitten girls turning into love zombies?

And Jessica has other worries—like her crush on Dominic Gray, the cute but moody new singer for Side Effects May Vary, and the mysterious tattoo that appeared on her arm one day and lets her know whenever there is trouble brewing. Jessica learns she's a Virago, a woman warrior chosen to fight evil whenever it threatens her hometown. But does a lowly freshman really have what it takes to keep Nightshade safe?

This was my first foray in the Dead Is Series and I actually enjoyed this fun little read. From what I understand this is the first book in the Dead Is Spin-off series that features Jessica, whereas the previous five books were all based around a character, Daisy Giorando, who is only mentioned once in a while in this novel. I gather this is the next section of the series being told from Jessica's POV. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the fast pace and the adventures that Jessica stumbles upon in this story - from meeting a new guy who she isn't quite sure she if she loathes or loves to solving a mystery regarding her lovesick BFF, Eva. Jessica also has to deal with the fact that she has somehow become a Virago - a female warrior chosen to fight all kinds of evil that might threaten her town. She wasn't sure she could handle everything that was being tossed her way, but she does it so perfectly with her new found strength and courage and her love for friends and family. 

I loved that this book was based on an interesting take on zombism - ever heard of lovesick zombies or know how one would become such a thing? Just follow Jessica, Dominic, Eva and the gang to find out how it all begins and how the heads will roll. 

I'm definitely intrigued enough to go back and read the previous five books in the series as I know they will be quick and fun reads and I am also highly anticipating my return to Nightshade when Dead is a Killer Tune comes out on September 4th.


About the Author:
I grew up in Story City, Iowa, which I think has to mean something. I am the youngest of twelve children, which means that I’m very familiar with the survival-of-the-fittest theory.
I now live in Southern California with my family, a psychotic cat, an elderly Chihuahua, and an albino corn snake. The corn snake and I have agreed to keep our distance.

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