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Guest Post: a glossary of Fae from the Guardian of the Moon Pendant by Laura Williams

This is such a fun guest post to go along with my review of Guardian of the Moon Pendant. I mentioned how much I loved learning about the different fae and now we have a list of fae that appear in the book and a little idea about each one. I hope you enjoy this stop on the tour and maybe by reading about the fae you may just want to pick up a copy to check out for yourself. And if you make it through the list there is a surprise waiting at the end. 
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 The Glossary of Fae
In Celtic folklore, the Ankou is considered to be the equivalent of the Grim Reaper. He rides around on his smoldering motorcycle with his skeleton sidecar, collecting the bodies of all who have been touched by the Otherworld.

Baobhan Sith:
[baa'-van shee] A vampiric faery from Scottish folklore. She uses her seductive voice to hypnotize men into her lair, using her razor-sharp fingernails to suck out her victim’s blood. But, if she injects her prey with her toxic venom, they turn into a Màrmann.

[dri-adz] Dryads are beautiful tree nymphs. They are spirits dwelling within the trees, groves, and forests of Scotland.

[fah-shan] A Fachan is a faery from Scottish folklore. He has one bulbous eye, one arm, one leg, and is covered in bristly hair and dark blue feathers.

Ghillie Dhu:
[gil-ee-du] A Ghillie Dhu comes from Scottish folklore. He is the guardian spirit of trees and harnesses the elemental of earth.

Heather Pixies:
Heather pixies are speedy winged faeries, covered in blooms of purple heather. They have the ability to spring vines from their hands and feet, making them able to carry and restrain anything a hundred times their size.

[lay-huss] Leigheas is a faery who has the ability to heal men and the Fae. Once her powers are used, she’s helpless and can only regain her powers from the rising sun.

[mar-mhen] Zombie-like warriors whom the Baobhan Sith’s has inflicted her poisonous venom into, changing them from regular men into her undead army.

[knog-gul-vee] Nuckelavee is a creature from Scotland’s Orkney Island folklore that is known as the devil of the sea. A vile hybrid of half-man and half-horse, its skinless body is covered in raw living flesh. Its horse’s head has only one eye. Centered on its back is a thin rider with no legs, but has long ape-like arms.

Red Cap:
A Red Cap is a murderous faery found in Scottish folklore. He is an old hunch-backed man, carrying an iron-pike, donning iron-clad boots, who is fast as lightning. He dwells in castles and towers, killing travelers regularly to keep his red cap drenched in blood, for if his cap dries out, he will turn to stone.

Stone faeries:
Stone faeries are ethereal angel-like faeries trapped within the MääGord standing stones, waiting for a chance to break free from their cold monolith prisons.

A small goblin-like faery from Scotland’s Orkney Island folklore. They’re only about a foot tall and will immediately turn to stone when a person from the realm of man gazes upon them. Only those who have been touched by the Otherworld can see a Trow move freely about.

Ghostly firelights seen by travelers at night trying to lead them astray.

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