Saturday, October 20, 2012


There are tons of Canadian Book Awards out there, but I thought I would highlight some of my favourites and leave links to the lists I was able to find. Let me know which ones you love the most!

Scotiabank Giller Prize - The Giller Prize was founded in 1994 by Jack Rabinovitch in honour of his late wife, literary journalist Doris Giller, who passed away from cancer the year before. The award recognized excellence in Canadian fiction – long format or short stories – and endowed a cash prize annually of $25,000.00, the largest purse for literature in the country. (from the Giller Prize Website).

This year the shortlist finalists include:

TD Canadian Children's Literature Award - On October 28, 2004 the Canadian Children’s Book Centre and the TD Bank Group announced the establishment of a brand-new annual, children’s book award, the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award for the most distinguished book of the year. “Distinguished” is defined as marked by conspicuous excellence and/or eminence, individually distinct and noted for significant achievement with excellence in quality. (from the Bookcentre Website).

Previous winners:

Governor General's Literary Award (aka The GGs) - As Canada’s national literary awards, the GGs represent the rich diversity of Canadian literature. Some 1,600 books are submitted each year from English and French-language publishers representing authors, translators and illustrators from across Canada, in seven categories. (from the GGs Website)
Click here for the 2012 finalists. (The lists are very extensive and cover many genres/age ranges).

There is a full list of Canadian Book Awards here.


  1. I'm so horrible.. I've had 419 on my shelf to read for AGES.. I really need to get on that.. Imposter Bride looks really good too..

    Can't wait to see who wins.. :D

    1. It will probably be a little while until I get to 419 myself, but I really want to branch out from the YA genre I seem to be stuck in lately. ;)


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