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Review: Blood Thirst by LA Freed

Blood Thirst (Charleston Vampire Chronicles #1) by L.A. Freed
Publisher: lafingdog books
Published: May 2010
Pages: 384
Received: for honest review during blog tour
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Attacked and left to die, Angela Trenton faces uncertainty and fear as she begins the transformation into a vampire. She is determined to hunt down and kill her attacker, but she soon realizes she must push her hatred aside to learn the real truth of why he committed her to this everlasting darkness.
What a unique story. We are taken on a ride through the changes a newly made vampire experiences. Angela is attacked by a vampire one night and left for dead, her body is trying to make the change due to a counterattack on her part that allowed her to ingest some of the vamps blood, but she is not able to fully change on her own. Enter Elijah - who helps her become one of the undead by turning her completely. Angela is no longer and Ainjul takes her place. We follow Ainjul through the changes and some things that happen are pretty gory, but so well written. 

Honestly, I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I agreed to review this book, but I am really glad that I did. It's such an interesting way to tell a vampire story and you won't be let down. I'm afraid to write any spoilers, so I'll leave it at intriguing, gory, emotional and exciting. 

There are characters that you might change your mind about and an interesting twist on a canine pal that you just might fall in love with. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series to see what happens next, but this novel seems to leave off in a way that it almost feels complete on it's own.

Warning that this book contains content suited for 18+.

About the author: 
L.A. Freed is the author of The Charleston Vampire Chronicles which included BLOOD THIRST, BLOOD DIVIDED and BLOOD FEUD.

In addition to writing, she is active in dog sports, (agility, obedience, training) and is currently owned by 2 labradors and a border collie.

She is an avid photographer and has won numerous awards with her photography. She also enjoys watercolor painting.

L.A. Freed resides just south of Charleston, South Carolina.

You can check out L.A. Freed's Deserted Island post this week to see which books one of her characters from Blood Feud would want on a deserted island for amusement.

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