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Late Blog Tour Post: The Eldritch Conspiracy by Cat Adams

The Eldritch Conspiracy by Cat Adams
Published: January 29, 2013
Publisher: Tor
Pages: 380
Received: from publisher for blog tour (a little late, but better than never - sorry for the delay)

Celia Graves was once an ordinary human, but those days are long gone. Now she strives to maintain her sanity and her soul while juggling both vampire abilities and the powers of a Siren. 

Not every bride needs a bridesmaid who can double as a bodyguard. But Celia's cousin Adriana is no ordinary bride: she's a Siren princess, and she's marrying the king of a small but politically important European country. She's getting death threats from fanatics who want to see the whole Siren race wiped out—including Celia herself, who is half Siren.

Luckily, Celia is on duty when a trip to a bridal salon is interrupted by an assassination attempt, so everyone survives. When Adriana returns to the Siren homeland to try to prevent a coup, Celia is free to hunt for the terrorists and the vile mage who is helping them (while keeping her eyes open for the perfect maid-of-honor dress). 

Assuming the bride and groom both live to see their wedding day, this will be one royal wedding no one will ever forget.

Considering I haven't read the previous books in the Blood Singer series, I still absolutely loved every minute of this book. The authors do an amazing job of making you understand Celia's back story without having to read the previous books – this is always great when an author can do this without overbearing you with too many details and not leaving out the important stuff you need to know. It does however make me want to go back and read the previous four novels, because I feel that much in love with Celia's character.

In this story, we find Celia finishing up a previous job and needing some time to recover, but she is called by her royal family to be a part of a huge bodyguard job. Not only is she keeping her cousin safe, she is to be the maid of honour in Adriana's wedding as well. Is Celia up to the challenge of protecting royalty and finding the right bride's maid dress? Sometimes the security jobs are easier. The book is like an action adventure story mixed in with an amazing tale of a beautiful wedding. I wasn't sure how this would work as most books I read about weddings are romance novels, but this one worked perfectly. You were kept on your toes with all of the twists and turns in the assassination attempts and you are completely in awe at the beauty of the island of Serenity and the countryside of Rusland, where the two ceremonies take place.

I adored learning about the siren abilities and Celia's tie to her siren heritage. Also, watching Celia become closer to her aunt, Queen Lopaka, and her cousin, Princess Adriana, was wonderful since she doesn't really have much family left. Some of these characters will surprise you – I expected different actions from some.

You will be in for some great surprises – demons, teleportation, magic and a few tears. 

About the authors:
CAT ADAMS is the author of the much-lauded Blood Singer series, Blood Song, Siren Song, Demon Song, and The Isis Collar. Adams is the joint pen name of C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp, who live deep in the heart of Texas. They are USA Today bestselling authors with their Sazi and Thrall series. 


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    1. I hope you like it. I'm actually going to go and read the first four in the series now, but I liked that I didn't need to read them to like this book. :)


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