Sunday, March 31, 2013

All The Ways I Love You - Theresa Trinder

All The Ways I Love You - Theresa Trinder
Publisher: Hallmark Books
Pages: 17

Remind your little ones of all the ways they are loved, even when you can't be there to tell them in person. Perfect for parents to kids or grandparents to kids.

When my sister's baby boy was born, my Mom bought the recordable version of this book to read to him since they lived six hours away. She did a fabulous job of reading this book like a bedtime story and with so much love in her voice. Honestly - I listened the recorded book today and bawled my eyes out... I miss her so much and this book just made me realize how much love she had for us all. Such a beautiful story, but made so much more amazing by being able to hear her voice reading it. And the thing that means the most to me is that once the batteries wear out you can replace them without losing the recording. I would highly recommend this book for parents or grandparents who want something special to give to their children or grandchildren. What a wonderful keepsake. 

I love you round and round the world, 
I love you through and though.
And when it seems impossible, 
to love you more... I do.
*Side note: I made a video of the book while I flipped the pages and my Mom's voice reads the story. I decided to make the video so that I can hear her voice when I am missing her.

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